Tales of Asteria Mobile Game Gets Sequel

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1st Asteria mobile game was released in March with characters from Tales of series

Bandai Namco Games announced a sequel to its Tales of Asteria mobile game on Thursday with a promotional video. The title of the game will be Tales of Asteria -Hikari to Yami no Kyūseishu- (Tales of Asteria -Savior of Darkness and Light-), and will serve as a second chapter to the previous mobile game.

Yuri: The future is something you believe in and make a path to.
Cless: We've come this far; let's believe!
Sophie: Because we're friends that have fought alongside each other!
Luke: Just leave it to me, OK!?
Milla: Well then, let's get moving.
Text: A new chapter begins.
Text: when the world ends, we will meet with our true destiny...
Text: New bonds, new trials, and a new "destiny"...

The game is scheduled to be released this winter in Japan.

The teaser site for the game only features Tales of Graces f protagonist Asbel Lhant (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai). The website features six locked character profiles.

Bandai Namco Games released the first Tales of Asteria game for Japanese smartphones in March with the theme song "believe in you" by Do as Infinity. The gameplay features a "cross swipe battle" system for rearranging characters to match attributes and a "tap action" system where players match timing with the characters' 3D models. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases available.

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