Alice in Dreamland Doll Film's Teaser, Cast, December Opening Revealed

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film featuring animated dolls by doll maker Mari Shimizu opens on December 19

The official website of Kentaro Hachisuka and Mari Shimizu's Alice in Dreamland doll animation film project began streaming a 45-second teaser video for the film last Tuesday. The video reveals the film's December 19 opening at the K's Cinema in Shinjuku. The film combines both stop-motion and animation techniques.

The website also revealed the film's cast.

Aya Uchida as Alice

Hiro Shimono as The White Rabbit

Kazuya Ichijou as The Dark

Shiori Katsuta as The Red Queen

Mai Hashimoto as The Cheshire Cat

Shō Kawaguchi as The Dormouse

Yūya Matsushita as The Lion

Shiori Katsuta as Alice's Sister

Yūya Matsushita as The Mad Hatter

Shunsuke Satou as The March Hare

Shō Kawaguchi as The Unicorn

Mai Hashimoto as The White Queen

Rikako Yamaguchi as Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Kenta Akayama as The Black (White) Knight

Hachisuka is directing the film and is credited with the original idea, and doll maker Shimizu designed the dolls used in the film. Ryoma Ōta and BITGANG are editing the film, Kentarō Hachisuka is writing the film's script, Hideki Nishiyama is in charge of sound effects, and arai tasuku is composing the music.

The film's opening theme is titled "ALICE IN THE UNDERGROUND," while the ending theme is titled "Otona ni Natta Alice" (Grown-up Alice). Sumire Kokushoku is performing both theme songs.

The film's staff ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the film. The film will open exclusively in K's Cinema in Shinjuku on December 19, and will screen every day at 10:15 a.m., with a repeat screening at 11:15 a.m. Pre-order tickets will cost 1,000 yen (about US$8), while tickets purchased on the day itself will cost 1,300 yen (about US$10). A talk event will precede each screening.

Thanks to Rachel S. for the news tip.

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