Girls & Panzer Film Tops 500 Million Yen in 22 Days

posted on by Egan Loo
Sold 364,781 tickets total; 4th weekend earnings topped 3rd weekend by 27%

The Girls und Panzer anime film earned over 500 million yen (over US$4 million) as of December 12, 22 days after it opened at the Japanese office on November 21. In addition, its fourth weekend receipts in yen rose 27% over its third weekend's receipts in 77 theaters.

As of December 13, it sold a total of 364,781 tickets for 539,435,450 yen (US$4,466,500). It sold 129% more tickets (49,256) for 127% more yen (74,383,800 yen or US$616,900) in the weekend ending on December 13 than in the previous weekend.

To celebrate the latest achievements, the staff decided to offer more filmstrips to audience members. Theaters had been giving strips of actual film frames from the movie to theater-goers in the fourth week of the movie's release, but one theater after theater ran out of these bonuses. (The fourth-week bonuses also included a World of Tanks x Girls und Panzer collaborative bonus card, but those cards will not receive an additional print run.)


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