Crunchyroll Adds Joker Season 4, Trickster, Scorching Ping Pong Girls Anime

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All 3 series begin streaming on Monday

Crunchyroll announced on Sunday that it will stream the Joker Season 4 (Mysterious Joker Season 4), Trickster (Trickster: Edogawa Rampo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan' Yori), and Scorching Ping Pong Girls (Shakunetsu no Takkyū Musume) anime.

As with the anime's previous three seasons, Crunchyroll will again stream the Mysterious Joker anime with the title Joker. Crunchyroll will begin streaming the anime on Monday, October 3 at 7:30 a.m. EDT. The anime will be available worldwide except in Asia and in Italian-speaking regions.

In Hideyasu Takahashi's Kaitō Joker (Mysterious Joker) manga that inspired the anime, there is nothing in the world that the mysterious phantom thief Joker cannot steal. He goes after one treasure after another in unpredictable capers with seemingly miraculous tricks.

Yukiyo Teramoto will direct the series, with series composition by Dai Sato. The first television anime series premiered in October 2014, and the second series premiered in April 2015. The third series premiered earlier this year in April. Crunchyroll streamed all three series into several countries as they aired in Japan.

Crunchyroll will begin streaming Trickster on Monday, October 3 at 1:35 p.m. EDT. The anime will be available for users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands.

The anime's website describes the story:

It is the 2030s. The Boy Detectives Club gathers under Kogorō Akechi, the mysterious detective. The group solves cases great and small using their unique skills. One day, a member of the club, Kensuke Hanazaki, meets the boy Yoshio Kobayashi. Kobayashi's body cannot die due to the effects of the "Unidentifiable Mist," but he yearns for death, and shirks from contact with other people. Taking an interest in him, Hanazaki invites him to join the Boy Detectives Club. Their meeting is connected to the fate tying together Kogorō Akechi, and the era's greatest villain, the Fiend With Twenty Faces.

Masahiro Mukai (Hyperdimension Neptunia, episode director in Terror in Resonance, Blood Blockade Battlefront) is directing the anime at TMS Entertainment and Shinei Animation. Erika Yoshida (Tiger & Bunny: The Comic) is supervising and writing the series' scripts. Peach-Pit (Di Gi Charat, Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara!) is drawing the original character designs, and Shinya Yamada (key animation in Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, Samurai Champloo) is adapting those character designs for animation. Yuuki Hayashi (Death Parade, My Hero Academia, Kiznaiver) is composing the music. Gackt is performing the opening theme song "Kimi Dake no Boku de Iru" (Since There's Just You in Me), while also voicing the Fiend With Twenty Faces in the anime, while Azusa Tadokoro is performing the anime's ending theme song "1Hope Sniper."

Crunchyroll will begin streaming Scorching Ping Pong Girls on Monday, October 3 at 2:05 p.m. EDT, and the anime will be available for users worldwide except for Asia.

Crunchyroll describes the anime:

The world of middle school girls' ping pong enters an age of heated rivalry as the throne at its apex is surrendered... Tsumujikaze Koyori, a girl who loves ping pong, has just transferred to Suzumegahara Middle School. Along with her friends who strive to be the national champions, can Koyori bring the winds of change to the school?! The curtain is about to rise on a scorching hot tale of girls who love ping pong!

The anime is based on Yagura Asano's Shakunetsu no Takkyū Musume manga. Yasuhiro Irie (Kurau: Phantom Memory, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Code:Breaker) is directing the anime at Kinema Citrus. Kaori (Yuyushiki, Bottom Biting Bug) is serving as assistant director. Hideyuki Kurata (Read or Die, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Maria the Virgin Witch) is supervising the series' scripts. Junko Sugimura (Code:Breaker, Yuyushiki, Kumamiko key animation) is designing the characters for animation. MONACA (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nanana's Buried Treasure, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) is handling the music, with DIVE II Entertainment credited for music production. The main six cast members are performing the anime's opening theme song "Shakunetsu Switch." Idol group Wake Up, Girls! is performing the ending theme song "Bokura no Frontier."

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