Nippon Ichi Software Reveals Makai Wars Game for iOS, Android

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Company originally revealed game featuring Asagi as protagonist in 2004

Nippon Ichi Software revealed the Makai Wars iOS and Android game during its 25th anniversary livestream event on Niconico on Saturday.

Makai Wars is a collaborative simulation RPG that combines Nippon Ichi Software's Disgaea and Yuru Dorashiru game franchises. The game will feature characters from both game series, and Asagi will be the protagonist. The game will feature new character designs.

Nippon Ichi Software also launched a four-panel manga for the game on Saturday.

Nippon Ichi Software originally announced the game for the PlayStation Portable in 2004, and then revealed in 2005 that the game was planned for the PlayStation 3. The company hadn't revealed any other information about the game since then.

The official 25th anniversary for the company will be on July 12, 2018. Also as part of the 25th anniversary, Nippon Ichi Software will open a pop-up "Princess Café" in Nagoya (September 1-14), Osaka (mid-November), Akihabara (late January 2018), Fukuoka (early March 2018), and Sapporo (late April 2018). The company will also host five "All-Country Caravan Talk Events." The first two events will be in September and November, and the other three events will be in 2018. Nippon Ichi Software will then hold a "finale event" for the anniversary in July 2018.

Nippon Ichi Software's upcoming games include: So Many Me on PS4 on July 20, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (Shin Yomawari) on PS4 and PS Vita on August 24, Iwahime: Matsuri for PS4 and PS Vita on September 7, and Refrain no Chika Meikyū to Majo no Ryodan for PS4 on September 28. The company released Hokoniwa Company Works on the PS4 on Thursday.

Source: 4Gamer

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