Death end re;Quest Game's Special Behind-the-Scenes Video Teases 8 New Games by Compile Heart

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Developer teases 5 new RPGs, 1 new app in addition to Eshigami no Kizuna

Japanese video game developer Compile Heart handed out tissue packs in Akihabara on Thursday that feature a QR code that leads to a website streaming a special video for the company's Death end re;Quest role-playing game.

The video below features a trailer, then behind-the-scenes footage for the game.

Compile Heart president Norihisa Kochiwa also appears in the video, and after the behind-the-scenes footage, Kochiwa teases eight new games that Compile Heart is working on, in addition to Death end re;Quest.

The teased new titles include:

  • Title #2: An RPG with a theme of "desert." The game is in development now.
  • Title #3: A new RPG
  • Title #4: A new RPG featuring a new creator
  • Title #5: A new RPG
  • Title #6: A new RPG work "by the entirety of Compile Heart."
  • Title #7: A new app
  • Title #8: No information given
  • Title #9: Eshigami no Kizuna

Compile Heart had launched a countdown site on Monday, and the countdown site reached 0 on Thursday, revealing that the company would give out the tissue packs in Akihabara at 5:00 p.m.

Eshigami no Kizuna (The Bonds of Gods of Artists) is a smartphone game project that Compile Heart, Sony's ForwardWorks company, and anime studio Tezuka Productions are collaborating on to develop. Compile Heart illustrators Tsunako (Neptunia series), Katsuyuki Hirano (Record of Agarest War, Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal), and Kei Nanameda (Mugen Souls, Trillion: God of Destruction) are attached to the work. The game will also feature other illustrators from inside and outside of Compile Heart. The tagline for the game's story is, "Artists borrow the strength of 'gods' and fight their 'deadline.'" The iOS and Android game is slated to launch this year.

Death end re;Quest centers on protagonist Arata Mizunashi (voiced by Tatsuya Tokutake), who receives an email from the girl Shiina Ninomiya (Hisako Tōjō), who was reported as missing over a year ago. Arata finds out that Shiina had never logged out from the "World's Odyssey" virtual reality MMORPG, but the game's development had been cancelled long ago. Arata sets out to rescue the girl who is stuck in the bug-ridden game. The game will launch on PlayStation 4 on April 12 after a delay.

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