Sora Inoue Ends Mai Ball! Soccer Manga

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Manga about childhood friends who join high school girl's soccer team launched in 2012

Hakusensha's Manga Park website published the first part of the 107th and final chapter on Friday of Sora Inoue's Mai Ball! manga.

The manga centers on childhood friends Mai Miyano and Kunimitsu Hasuga. Kunimitsu has loved soccer since childhood, and Mai has always been his practice partner. As they grew up, both of them grew to become good at the sport. Soon after entering Kijiyama North High School, their schoolmate Reika Hakurai sees them practicing and immediately invites Mai to the girl's soccer team. Mai initially declines, since she has a problem where she can't play soccer in front of people unless Kunimitsu casts a "charm" on her. When Kunimitsu joins the soccer team as their coach, Mai finally joins.

Inoue launched the manga in Young Animal in July 2012, and the manga moved to the Young Animal Arashi magazine in October 2017 before the magazine ended in May 2018. The series then moved to both the Manga Park website and the Young Animal magazine. The manga's 15th compiled volume will ship on March 29.

Inoue collaborated with the writer Reiji Saiga on the Samurai Girl Real Bout High School manga. Tokyopop released the manga series and anime adaptation in English. Inoue's concluded the ecchi martial arts series Zeroin in 2011. Inoue also drew the character designs for the Vandread anime.

Source: Manga Park

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