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Yen Press Licenses 4 Manga, 2 Novels for November Release

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Yen Press announced the following licenses on Friday:

The titles will all debut in November.

Title: Éclair: A Girls' Love Anthology That Resonates in Your Heart– Bleue, Blanche, and Rouge (Éclair Bleue Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology, Éclair Blanche Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology, Éclair Rouge Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology)
Author: ASCII Media Works

Summary: Following the breathtaking anthology Éclair: A Girls' Love Anthology That Resonates in Your Heart come three new sets of girls' love stories: Bleue, Blanche, & Rouge! Featuring artists like Reine Hibiki, Miman, and more, these girls' pure feelings will resound in your chest. Bleue comes to stores everywhere November 2019, Blanche in January 2020, and Rouge during April 2020.

Title: Bungo Stray Dogs: Another Story, Vol. 1: Yukito Ayatsuji vs. Natsuhiko Kyogoku (Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden: Ayatsuji Yukito VS. Kyogoku Natsuhiko)
Authors: Kafka Asagiri (story), Oyoyo and Sango Harukawa (art)

Summary: When a request flies in from the government enlisting the help of Yukito Ayatsuji, a top-ranked skill user and detective notorious for his deadly skill, and Mizuki Tsujimura, a devoted newbie agent from the Special Ability Agency, the unusual duo find themselves with more than just an open-and-shut case on their hands… A must-read spin-off for all fans of the popular Bungo Stray Dogs series!

Title: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Seishun Buta Yarō wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai)
Authors: Hajime Kamoshida (story), Tsugumi Nanamiya (art), Keeji Mizoguchi (design)

Summary: Bunny girls do not live in libraries. This is simply common sense. And yet, that's exactly where Sakuta runs into one in the wild. More bewildering is who the bunny girl is: Mai Sakurajima, an upperclassman and well- known actress currently taking a break from industry work. Wanting to find out more about the mystery surrounding Mai (and maybe get a little closer to her in the process), Sakuta launches an investigation to figure out what's making this bunny girl invisible to everyone around them.

Title: Seven Little Sons of the Dragon: A Collection of Seven Stories (Ryū no Kawaii Nanatsu no Ko)
Author: Ryōko Kui

Summary: Ryōko Kui, the master storyteller behind the beloved manga series Delicious in Dungeon, pens seven brand-new tales that will delight fantasy fans and manga devotees equally. Covering a broad range of themes and time periods, no two stories in this collection are alike!

Title: You Call That Service? (Omae no Gohōshi wa Sono Teido ka?) volume 1
Authors: Kisetsu Morita (story), Hiroki Ozaki (art)

Summary: When a vampire kingdom suddenly appears within the borders of Japan, a beautiful boy-meets- vampire romantic comedy blooms from the mind of the creator of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level! One fateful day, Ryouta wanders into a town that's been declared sovereign territory by the rulers of the night, and before he can blink, an adorable vampire pounces him. Now his only duty in life is to serve her hand and foot as her minion in the hilarious, romance-filled days to come!

Title: The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) volume 1
Authors: Daisuke Aizawa (story), Tōzai (art)

Summary: Shadowbrokers are those who go unnoticed, posing as unremarkable people, when in truth, they control everything from behind the scenes. Sid wants to be someone just like that more than anything, and something as insignificant as boring reality isn't going to get in his way! He trains in secret every single night, preparing for his eventual rise to power—only to denied his destiny by a run-of-the-mill (yet deadly) traffic accident. But when he wakes up in a another world and suddenly finds himself at the head of an actual secret organization doing battle with evil in the shadows, he'll finally get a chance to act out all of his delusional fantasies! Coming to stores everywhere digitally and in hardcover November 2019.

Source: Press release

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