Tasūketsu -Judgement Assizes- Manga Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Animated Project

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Campaign aims to raise 8 million yen to fund 4-minute anime

Comic Smart's free manga app and website Ganma! launched a Campfire crowdfunding campaign on Friday for an anime adaptation of Taiga Miyakawa's Tasūketsu -Judgement Assizes- (Majority Rule -Judgement Assizes) manga. The campaign is aiming to raise 8 million yen (about US$75,000) to produce an approximately four-minute anime and a 90 second opening. The project's Campfire page began streaming a promotional video narrated by Yuuki Kaji.

The campaign has raised 1,511,000 yen (about US$14,000) as of press time. The campaign will end on May 11. If the project does not meet its goal, production will end and backers will receive refunds.

If funded, Rabbit Machine will direct the anime project at IMAGICA Lab. The anime will have an original story set in Shibuya based on the manga's third part. The project will announce the cast on or after May 10.

Stretch goals include a bonus manga booklet at 10 million yen, additional characters in the anime at 13 million yen, and an additional two minutes to the anime plus a bonus Flash video at 15 million yen. Backer rewards include the anime on DVD, a signed DVD, a name in the credits, a name as logo in the anime, an opportunity to design an enemy, a key frame reproduction set, a booklet, and a mini signed shikishi board.

The staff revealed the animated project and crowdfunding campaign on February 20.

Tasūketsu -Judgement Assizes-, the Tasūketsu manga's third part, premiered on Ganma! in November 2017. The Tasūketsu manga's first part premiered in 2013, and the manga's second part Tasūketsu -FINAL KEQ- debuted in 2015. The fifth compiled book volume shipped in August 2019.

The manga's story follows five people in a world where people have suddenly disappeared. A mysterious self-proclaimed "Emperor" gathers five people together through anonymous messages and has them participate in a game. Participants answer the question "Do you want to live or die?" The game has only one rule: "Majority dies."

Sources: Tasūketsu -Judgement Assizes- project's Campfire page and Twitter account, Ganma!'s YouTube channel

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