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Viz Media's Shonen Jump Adds My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Naruto: Shikamaru's Story—Mourning Clouds

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
2 manga, 1 novel debut in early 2021

Viz Media announced at its Shonen Jump panel at FunimationCon on Friday that it has licensed three new titles for release on the service. The titles include:

Title: My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions manga
Creators: Yoko Akiyama (story and art), Kōhei Horikoshi (original concept)
Release: March 2021
Summary: The aspiring heroes of My Hero Academia team up with pro heroes for action-packed missions! To prepare the next generation of heroes for real-world hero work, the ambitious Team-Up Missions Program pairs groups of students with pro heroes to go on action-packed missions where they will learn to use teamwork to defeat villains. Although Izuku Midoriya and his U.A. High friends are thrilled to participate, there's just one catch—there's no telling who will be teamed up with whom! From top heroes to students from other classes and schools, anyone could be on the same team.

Title: Jujutsu Kaisen 0 manga
Creator: Gege Akutami (story and art)
Release: January 2021
Summary: The one-shot pilot of the supernatural exorcist adventure Jujutsu Kaisen! The story takes place a one year before Itadori's time, focusing on his upperclassmen at Jujutsu High--Maki, Panda, Toge and Yuta Okkotsu (the MC). In Jujutsu Kaisen, we don't see Yuta, but other characters often make reference to him and the incidents that occur in this volume. Yuta's been brought in to Jujutsu High by Satoru Gojo because he's been cursed by his childhood friend, Rika. But this is no ordinary curse as she's classified Special Grade. And because of her overwhelming strengh, Yuta doesn't know how to control or use her. Meanwhile, Suguru Geto is out to get Yuta Okkotsu, specifically targeting Rika to add to his own collection of cursed spirits he controls, setting up a showdown with his best friend-turned-enemy, Gojo

Title: Naruto: Shikamaru's Story—Mourning Clouds novel
Creators: Takashi Yano (story), Masashi Kishimoto (original story)
Release: February 2021
Summary: The ninja adventures continue in these stories featuring the characters of Naruto and Boruto!

A rupture in the alliance at the Summit of the Five Kages triggers the Fifth Great Ninja War! Meanwhile, Shikamaru and his family grow further and further apart. But Shikamaru has a very powerful card up his sleeve to bring peace to both the world and his family!

Under Viz Media's new Shonen Jump subscription service that debuted in December 2018, users pay US$1.99 per month to have access to the Shonen Jump simulpub manga, some simulpub manga from other related magazines such as Jump SQ., the entire back-catalog of those manga and select past Shonen Jump manga, and access to the back-catalog of manga from other magazines such as Golden Kamuy and Tokyo Ghoul). The latest three chapters of all ongoing series are also available for free on Viz Media's website and app. Viz Media's Shonen Jump subscription service is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore, and India.

Shueisha then launched the MANGA Plus website and app worldwide except in Japan, China, and South Korea in January 2019. MANGA Plus also publishes new chapters of Shonen Jump manga in English (and Spanish and Thai) digitally. The first and latest chapter of each series are available for free.

Source: Email correspondence

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