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Otaku's Voice - How the World Cried

Otaku's Voice #3 - September 20th, 2001

"How the World cried"

by Brian "Ranmah" Mah

I was going to write something about my comments on Anime, but that seems very insignificant now. I am writing this article in response to the terrorist attack on the World Trade center towers in Lower Manhattan and the attack on the Pentagon. This is something that will not go away and should not be forgotten. My prayers go out to the victims of the passengers in the airplanes and the people in the World Trade Center. The people who did this unspeakable act are cowards and must receive no sympathy.

I have lived in New York for almost six years and in those years I cannot say I've ever felt the sadness and anger I feel right now. My hope is that the proper authorities will find and capture these spineless hoodlums. I walked to Lower Manhattan to see the extent of the damage. Words cannot describe the horror I have seen. I wanted to go closer to examine the damage, but anything lower that Houston St. (in noho) is closed off. I have to commend the NYPD, NYFD, and the countless volunteers to assist the efforts in the rebuilding of Manhattan.

Many of the Anime Companies, such as Anime Nation have expressed remorse and condolences to the victims of the World Trade center and people working in and around the crash area. Many of my family and friends work in or near the World Trade Center. I thank God they are all right. I would like to give a personal thank you to Shin from AnimEigo and Matt from Manga for their concern of my safety.

This is something that will burn in the minds of people for years to come. My personal condolences go out to the victims of this unspeakable act.

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