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Confidential Sources

Types of Confidential Sources

Anime News Network recognizes 3 types of confidential sources:

  1. Not for attribution: Although we will not name the source, we may quote them directly and we may describe them in ways that are not likely to lead to their identity being exposed (for example describing them as an employee of a company).
  2. On background: We will not name the source, and we will not quote the source, however we may paraphrase the information given to us by the source and we may describe the source in terms agreed to by the source.
  3. Off the record (also called "deep background"): The information provided to us by the source is not for publication, it is only to be used to aid our own understanding and perspective. Of important note, if off the-record-information corroborates information provided to us by sources that are not off the record, we may chose to publish the information provided to us by the original source.
Adapted from the Canadian Association of Journalists

Regarding Journalism Shield Laws

Anime News Network inc. is a Canadian corporation, and there are unfortunately no journalism shield laws in Canada. However, many of our reporters, including our senior news editor, are located in California and other states with strong journalism shield laws. All anonymous sources will be handled by journalists who are protected by such shield laws.

Please note, this document is incomplete and does not, at this time, describe Anime News Network's policy on when it is appropriate to use anonymous sources. This will be added later.

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