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SAKURA CON, Seattle, April 28, 2004—ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime in the U.S., made several major announcements from the Sakura CON show in Seattle on Saturday, April 24, 2004.


ADV Films announced two acquisitions. The company has acquired the home video and broadcast rights to Petite Princess Yucie, a fantasy story with remarkable creatures and extraordinary characters. Yucie is a cute girl who is really striving to be the next Platinum Princess who magical tiara can grant any wish. The only problem is that this 17 year old has the body and the face of a ten year old. Can she overcome the challenges designed by the queen so that she can finally become an adult?

ADV Films also acquired the home video and broadcast rights to Parasite Dolls, a theatrical film set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe. In the year 2034 both humans and Boomers coexist. Boomers are cybernetic beings created to help mankind. With the new Boomer technology, they are made to emulate humans in everyway. But every human has a dark side. What happens when the Boomers loose control? The A.D. Police creates a new “Branch” to investigate the crimes committed by the deadly machines.

ADV Toys Sneak Previews Items

ADV Toys, the new division of A.D. Vision Inc. that creates exclusive toys and collectible merchandise based upon the company's extensive film, manga (graphic novel) and original content holdings, today announced a lineup of exciting new merchandise that will be hitting the shelves this summer and later this year.

Kaleido Star: From the brand new Kaleido Star anime series, ADV Toys announces “Jonathon the Seal” plush animals in a 5-inch size (SRP $7.99) and a 10.5-inch size (SRP $14.99). Kaleido Star is a new series from the renowned Japanese director Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon®) and the studio HAL Film Maker. It is a charming animated series aimed at tweens and teens with a believably positive storyline that emphasizes empowerment through bravery and determination.
Noir: What better way to proclaim your devotion to the smash hit anime action series, Noir, than with a roomful of spectacular Noir goodies? Noir is the acclaimed 26-episode thriller, which premiered in Japan in 2001. Critics have favorably compared NOIR to such genre-defining live-action suspense titles as The Professional and La Femme Nikita.
Wall scroll featuring Mireille and Kirika (SRP $17.99)
T-shirt emblazoned with the lead ladies (SRP $19.99)
Four collectible cloisonné pins (SRP $2.99)
Window cling (SRP $2.99)
Playing cards (SRP $4.99)
Lunch box (SRP $14.99)
Excel Saga: It's almost here. All the cool new Excel Saga merchandise you've been dying to get your hands on! Excel Saga is the popular and outrageously bizarre anime satire. It is best described as the ultimate parody of anime. From the opening credits—a hilarious spoof of Japanese pop videos—to the ending song featuring Menchi the dog singing/barking a plaintive ballad while a human interpreter translates for viewers; nothing is sacred in the world of Excel Saga. ADV Toys is ready to Menchi-opolize the world!
Menchi plush (10-inch SRP $14.99; 5-inch SRP of $7.99)
Menchi rug (SRP $9.99)
Menchi t-shirt (SRP $19.99)
Wall scroll with Excel, Hyatt, Menchi and Ilpalazzo (SRP $17.99)
Six collectible magnets (SRP $2.99 each)
Official Excel Saga cloisonné (SRP $2.99)
Reversible, good and bad antenna topper (SRP $3.99)
Chopsticks (SRP $4.99)
Lunch box (SRP $14.99)

These products will be available later this year. Stay tuned to for more the latest in news and updates from this exciting new division of AD Vision, Inc.


ADV Films announced an ultra-cool new DVD collection called AniMini™, collectible, tradable pint-sized 3-inch DVDs. Affordably priced at SRP $6.98, each disc contains a complete first episode. Titles releasing under this new format include: Azumanga Daioh, Happy Lesson, Hello Kitty & Friends, Kaleido Star, Noir, Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Pretear, Princess Nine, Super Gals! and Wedding Peach. The mini DVDs are themselves coupons, and are redeemable for $10 off the regular size DVD title through ADV Films via the company website or mail-in. See the package for complete details.

Anime Network™

Under AD Vision Inc.'s Anime Network™ division there were several news items.

Linear Launch: The Anime Network announced that a linear launch (a 24x7 cable broadcast network) has been inked with a major cable company, and the network will launch in select areas in June 2004, but no further details were announced.
“First Human on the Anime Network” sweepstakes: The network announced its new sweepstakes event where one lucky person will become the very first human on the Anime Network, and the lucky individual who gets to “flip the switch” for the network's linear launch. The sweepstakes concludes June 10. For complete details please visit
Original Anime Network Launch Gear: Available soon will be a complete outfit of “Official Anime Network Launch” gear. This limited edition collection will feature the official launch logo and will be available for sale online at in the coming weeks.
In related news, the Anime Network is now available throughout all of Seattle and Portland via Comcast's digital cable service video on demand feature.

Newtype USA

New subscribers to Newtype USA, the leading anime and manga publication in the English-speaking world., can receive 10 percent off the annual subscription fee when they sign up for a year subscription via participating websites. They'll also receive a limited edition official launch Anime Network t-shirt. This offer is good through June 30, 2004. Visit for complete details.

Newtype USA is offering a financial rewards program to anime sites that post the offer banner and result in new subscriptions. For every paid subscription that comes through a participating site (fan sites included!), that site will receive a valuable premium. To sign up for this program or learn more details, please contact Robert Boyd at 713-341-7112. Currently, participating sites include,,,,,,,,,, and

About ADV Films:

ADV Films is the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation (“anime”) for the North American market with best-selling titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Robotech, Full Metal Panic!, Hello Kitty and Azumanga Daioh. ADV Films' product line also includes live-action science fiction programs including The Jim Henson Company's Farscape. Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., publishes Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly magazine, and operates Anime Network™, broadcasting anime and anime-related programming via digital cable, 24 hours a day. Headquartered in Houston and with additional offices in the Europe and Japan, the company operates ADV Manga, dedicated to publishing graphic novels, and ADV Toys, a new division that creates exclusive toys and collectible merchandise based upon the company's extensive original content holdings. For more information, visit

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