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HOUSTON, June 23, 2004—ADV Manga today announced its August 2004 street dates, with four new titles including 50 Rules for Teenagers, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Najica Blitz Tactics and Quantum Mistake. Continuing editions are being announced for Desert Coral, volume 2 of 3; Prétear, volume 2 of 4; Steel Angel Kurumi, volume 7 of 9; The Boss, volume 2 of 30; and Those Who Hunt Elves, volume 6 of 21.

50 Rules for Teenagers, Volume 1 of 8
With a story line close to the motion picture, She's All That, this is one manhwa every teenage girl should own!

The desire for a normal teenage life haunts the overworked and underappreciated Mi-Roo. While most girls her age are carefree and boy-crazy, she is bound to the grueling gigs of student, homemaker and full-time babysitter to her siblings. With a mother who's mostly missing-in-action and a twin brother who's best at doing nothing, Mi-Roo is trapped in a constant balancing act of housework and homework, leaving her zero time for romance and boys. But she's no superhero—it's going to take more than a little determination to stay in control of this whirlwind!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Age Rating: 13+
300 pages, black and white
Author: Na Ye-Ri
SRP: $9.99

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Volume 1 of 1
If you've seen ADV Film's DVD release of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, then you'll understand why this is a must-read!

Inventor Kyusaku Natsume transfers the brain of a cat into a top-secret android body and produces Nuku Nuku, who appears to be a normal teenage girl, but her sexy exterior hides her superhuman strength and quick senses and reflexes of a cat. She'll need these abilities to defend Ryunosuke from the forces of Mishima Heavy Industries, which is run by a ruthless businesswoman, Akiko Mishima, who just happens to be Natsume's ex-wife and Ryunosuke's mother! This determined feline with her catlike cunning and mechanical muscle may not be enough to stop a custody battle that will soon become an all-out war!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi
Age Rating: 13+
40 pages, black and white; 56 color
Author: Yuzo Takada
Illustrator: Yuji Moriyama
SRP: $14.99

Desert Coral, Volume 2 of 3
The surprise hit manga, Desert Coral, is a tale of a boy who likes nothing more than to dream, but when his dreams become reality, he finds himself in the adventure of his life!

When the real world becomes tiresome, Naoto finds himself engrossed in the dream-world of Orgos. But pleasantries soon become nightmarish when Camu finds escape in dangerous behavior and Lusia tries hard not to succumb to the deadly calling of the Lucavifate—a voice that desires she do the unthinkable. Reality catches up with Naoto as he continues his study of sorcery—will his novice abilities be enough to keep the battle between the Elphis and the Sand Dusts within his grasp? In a world where fantasy and reality intertwine, Naoto must awaken to the “fire within,” and only then can he hope to survive the waking-dream that is Desert Coral.

Street: 8/24/04
Genre: Fantasy
Age Rating: 13+l
184 pages, black and white; 2 color
Author: Wataru Murayama
SRP: $9.99

Najica Blitz Tactics, Volume 1 of 3
Get ready for hot babes who aren't shy about kicking some butt! Also, don't miss ADV Film's action-packed DVD release of Najica Blitz Tactics.

Najica is a skilled perfumer for CRI Cosmetics, but her talents include more than creating sweet fragrances—she is actually a special operative for the secret intelligence organization behind CRI. Her mission: pull a sleeping beauty from the clutches of a wealthy woman. It appears to be a routine task, but Najica soon finds out that Lila, the sleeping beauty, is in fact one of a group of rare individuals called Humaritts, and the mysteries of these extraordinary beings are about to lead Najica, along with her automated accomplice, on a mission of their own…

Street: 8/24/04
Genre: Action
Age Rating: 16+
200 pages, black and white
Author: Takuya Tashiro
SRP: $9.99

Prétear, Volume 2 of 4
Find out why Newtype USA said, “Prétear should not be missed!” This popular hit manga series follows an ordinary girl as she takes a trip to an extraordinary land. Don't miss the exciting companion anime by ADV Films!

As Himeno continues her struggle to become the Prétear, she delves into the history of this new world, discovering the truth of the Princess of Disaster's past. Himeno learns that her wicked rival was once like her, a young girl struggling to become the Prétear. Unrequited love turned the Princess's heart to icy steel, causing irreparable destruction to a world that was once a sweet land of abundant Leafe and endless hope. Now Himeno must find unimaginable strength to overcome the Princess and save the lives and home of her newfound friends.

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Fantasy
Age Rating: All
192 pages, black and white; 4 color
Author and Illustrator: Kaori Naruse and Junichi Satou
SRP: $9.99

Quantum Mistake, Volume 1 of 22
This Korean manhwa follows the perils and tribulations of two very different boys who end up switching bodies in a bizarre scientific experiment. Quantum Mistake is a cross between Your and My Secret and The Boss.

Too-Ji and Woo-Soo become the subjects of a mad scientist's experiment with the latest invention—the quantum teleporter—their bodies are switched, leaving only their minds and spirits intact. Woo-Soo, who was once a model student, must face life as Too-Ji, a teenage menace. Never having had an enemy in his life, he now has to deal with the handful on Too-Ji's list, but will his kinder, gentler demeanor ward off his rivals? Or will survival determine his future? Will he become the hardened fighter that matches his new exterior? Find out when you follow the tale of the Quantum Mistake!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Action/Comedy
Age Rating: 13+
192 pages, black and white
Author and Illustrator: Son Eun-Ho and Choi Myung-Su
SRP: $9.99

Steel Angel Kurumi, Volume 7 of 9
An all-time fan favorite, Steel Angel Kurumi boasts an international battle of female androids. Don't miss the popular companion anime DVD series by ADV Films, also showing on the Anime Network.

The Steel Angels are still enduring an altered future and have managed to make a few enemies along the way. What appears to be a hopeless defense against the more-advanced Steel Angel Excelia soon turns to Kurumi's favor, when she uses “love power” to transform into an Angel. But it is uncertain whether or not her newfound power will be strong enough to fight off her master's new love interest. Apparently, time hasn't healed the wounds of unrequited love, as an extremely mature Ms. Jinguji lays a predatory stake on a very young, very frightened Nakahito. The Angels may have the strength to take down other robots, but a woman scorned—this will take an army!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Science Fiction
Age Rating: 16+
176 pages, black and white; 4 color
Author and Illustrator: KAISHAKU

The Boss, Volume 2 of 30
The Boss is a tough tale of high school rivalries, which will remind readers of GTO, My Bodyguard and West Side Story. said, “It's got yards of action, some great stylish art, and even uses of humor to take the edge off of some of the serious fighting.”

A threat has been made on the students of Woo Sang High, and the guilty parties are none other than the fearsome bully, Guk-Do, and his ever-present sidekick, Chung-Ki. This terrible twosome is back again, terrorizing classmates, and unfortunately, Sang-Tae has forcibly grabbed the attention of both ruffians, but his meager attempts at self-defense might cause problems worse than black eyes and busted lips. He's promised his girlfriend, Ji-Hyun, that he will never fight again, but he's definitely had a stomach-full of abuse. Fighting both Guk-Do and Chung-Ki is more than just brave, it's downright crazy!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Action
Age Rating: 13+
184 pages, black and white
Author and Illustrator: Lim Jae-Won
SRP: $9.99

Those Who Hunt Elves, Volume 6 of 21
If you've seen the DVD anime release of Those Who Hunt Elves, you'll understand the excitement! The anime series is currently broadcasting on Anime Network, and Season Two of the series is currently in DVD release from ADV Films.

That madcap gang of elf hunters is back and more determined than ever to disrobe every elf who crosses their path. Desperation, driven by homesickness for Japan, leads to a battle against the evil Madame Grandbelle—and the elf-stripping accelerates! The search is escalating and Junpei, Airi, Celcia and Ritsuko comb the land, and even the ocean, in search of those precious spell fragments. Meanwhile, Junpei's earlier idea of a prank proves true when Celcia is turned into a panda! From naked elves to entire populations of adorable teddy bears, this out-of-control adventure becomes even more outrageous with every retrieved spell fragment. One can only hope that the end is in sight, because who knows what these adventures might lead to!

Street: 8/24/2004
Genre: Comedy
Age Rating: 13+
200 pages, black and white; 2 color
Author and Illustrator: Yu Yagami
SRP: $9.99

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