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"Dead Leaves literally resembles an abstract, full-throttle action comic

leaping to life right off the page." - NEWTYPE Magazine

Chicago, IL - Manga Entertainment has once again teamed-up with Japan's revered Production I.G (Kill Bill, Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor 1&2) to create another unique and original anime co-production. The iconoclastic Dead Leaves exhibits Manga's continued commitment into developing new cutting-edge anime films with I.G in the tradition of 2003's acclaimed ethereal period piece Kai Doh Maru and 2001's smash vampire action thriller Blood: the Last Vampire. Named after a fictitious prison in outer space, Dead Leaves displays a new and uncharted dimension of Japanese animation presented in an eye-popping, vibrant and frantically paced action adventure film.

"We wanted to produce a new anime film that was completely different and experimental, something that pushed the envelope of Japanese animated pop culture." says Manga's CEO Marvin Gleicher. "Having seen the incredible original character designs from Imaitoonz and having had such great success with new projects from Production I.G, we green lighted the Dead Leaves project. We are very excited to release this film on DVD this summer."

Imaitoonz is a popular Tokyo based artist who has an extremely diverse portfolio. He is well known for creating original art for animation, character designs, arcade games, packaging, clothing and commercial spots for some of Japan's top companies including Suntory, Sega, Sony, Nike and Reebok. Imaitoonz and his associate Hiroyuki Imaishi created the original character designs for Dead Leaves. He then entered into production with thirty key animators from Production I.G including Takeshi Koike (Animatrix), Yasunori Miyazawa (Millenium Actress), You Yoshinari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) just to name a few. Takeichi Honda, one of Japan's most blistering young screenplay writers, wrote the script. Complimenting the film is a pulse pounding electronica soundtrack from Yoshihiro Ike (Blood: the Last Vampire.)

This extraordinary new anime film showcases a distinctive style of animation featuring uncanny, fast and furious split screen action combined with a unique color scheme and unconventional character designs. "If you can imagine what an abstract modern art car crash would look like, let's say by mixing up the art of Peter Max, Andy Warhol, Peter Chung and Todd McFarlane, you may have something that looks like Dead Leaves!" jokes Kaoru Mfaume, Manga's director of acquisitions and producer of the film.

The illustrious story follows main characters Pandy and Retro - two unlikely renegades who awaken naked on Earth with no recollection of their past. After embarking on a devastating crime spree for food, clothing and transportation in downtown Tokyo, they are captured by authorities and sent to the infamous lunar prison called Dead Leaves. After a brief incarceration, they discover that the prison is really a top-secret cloning facility, occupied by villainous prison guards and deformed genetic experiments. High-speed frantic action combined with hyper-violent and semi-humorous chase scenes follow as the two decide to break out of the prison with the aid of their fellow mutant inmates. Boasting an extraordinary cast of characters in a comically abusive and chaotic adventure, Dead Leaves is an unusually fresh anime action film that intentionally rattles the senses.

In celebration of Manga Entertainment's 10th Anniversary this July, the Dead Leaves DVD release will be supported by a summer long Manga marketing campaign which will include summer convention screenings and promotional giveaways, consumer print advertising and web events. Manga has also teamed up with Japan's cult toy company Medicom Toys to create a Kubrick Dead Leaves toy line. A limited release of the Kubrick Dead Leaves toys featuring main characters Pandy, Retro and Chinko will be available on-line at where fans can also find ‘Limited Edition’ Dead Leaves merchandise and watch for an exclusive all day ‘free broadcast’ of the film in its entirety on September 28th. Look for Dead Leaves to wow animation fans everywhere this summer.

Dead Leaves will be distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Street Date: September 28th, 2004 Pre-Book Date: August 31st 2004

Movie Running Time: 50 minutes SRP: $24.98

Unrated. Suggested 17+. Contains graphic violence, brief nudity, language and mature content.

Parental discretion advised.

Barcode: 01313 82001-9 8 Selection #: M2001

DVD Features: 16x9 anamorphic widescreen, English & Japanese Dolby Digital

5.1 Surround Sound, English subtitles, Scene Index.

DVD Bonus Features: 30 minutes of additional ancillary materials will include a documentary, movie premiere party, theatrical opening, video diaries with director and creative staff, photo gallery, original trailers, interactive game and Manga previews.

For more information, contact: Danielle Garnier,

Manga Entertainment 312-751-0020

Manga Entertainment Inc., an Anchor Bay Entertainment Company ( specializes in the production and distribution of Japanese animation for theatrical, DVD and home video release worldwide. Manga's cutting-edge film catalog also features Asian live-action, cult, pop-culture and international animation. Manga films are distributed in the U.S. through Anchor Bay Entertainment. Manga has offices in London and Tokyo, and is headquartered in Chicago.

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