'Junkers Come Here' Selected for the Chanoma Film Festival 2004

'Junkers Come Here' Selected for the Chanoma Film Festival 2004

Cypress, CA - Bandai Entertainment announced today the selection of Junichi Sato's 'Junkers Come Here' film for screening at the Chanoma Film Festival 2004 from September 10 through September 16 at the Laemmle's Fairfax Cinemas located in Los Angeles, California.

The movies presented at the Chanoma Film Festival 2004 are selected based uon the theme of 'Chanoma; -- a family gathering place in the living room. They are heartwarming pieces that realistically portray everyday life from a Japanaese family-oriented standpoint.

Originally created by Naoto Kine and directed by Junichi Sato, 'Junkers Come Here'(1995) is recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Sciences. Hiromi Nozawa is a young girl growing up in a home where both of her parents are busy and are seldom home. Her most trusted companion is her dog, Junkers. But this is no ordinary dog! Gifted with the ability to speak and do human-like tasks, this canine is civil enough to use the toilet and, like some of us, won't miss his favorite TV show for the world. When things at home start to go wrong, Hiromi learns that she needs to grow up fast but also realizes that life has a pretty unique sense of humor.

'Junkers Come Here' is currently released on DVD from Bandai Entertainment.


Laemmle's Fairfax Cinemas
7907 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
TEL(323) 655-4010

Junkers Come Here
35mm/ 105 min/ Original Japanese Language with English subtitles
Show Schedule:
September 10 - September 16, 2004
3:10 PM / 7:35 PM

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