Critcal Mass Video Announces Cool Devices DVD 1!

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** For Immediate Release **
Critical Mass Release Information: COOL DEVICES DVD 1


Pre-book date: 1/4/2005, Street date: 2/1/2005.
Approximately 77 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.
Erotic Adventure

DVD (English/Japanese Audio, English Subtitles, English On-Screen Translations)
Catalog#: CMDVD6971
UPC#: 7-42617-6971-2-8 Suggested Rating: 18+
SRP: $29.95

COOL DEVICES, a series that redefined adult anime in the US and became one of the best selling hentai titles ever, has returned in a brand new DIGITALLY REMASTERED 10th Anniversary Edition! Now, for the very first time, this hentai masterpiece is FINALLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

A world of forbidden pleasure tightly bound together inside five erotic tales of lust and desire. An innocent young woman gives into her darkest desires as she is seduced into the world of bondage and S&M... A voyeuristic young man longs for the sweet caress of his beautiful sister who masturbates before his hidden cameras...
A very naughty kitty and one very slutty bunny are about to be punished for their forbidden passions... Slicing up a new swimsuit leads to a steamy time at the
local pool... Over-studying leads to a serious need for some sexual relief in the
school's bathroom...

Operation 01: Curious Fruit
Operation 02: Sacred Girl
Operation 03: Lover Doll / Winter Swimsuit / Enema

DVD Special Features:
Extensive Art Gallery, Cool Devices 2 Teaser Trailer
Critical Mass Trailers, Scene Access
2.0 Dolby Digital Audio with Regular and "Soft" Subtitles
for on-screen translations.

Graphic of cover is located at:


Critical Mass Video Ltd. is one of the top adult Japanese Animation ("anime") labels in the US, with well known hardcore titles such as Cool Devices, Imma Youjo, Mail Order Maiden, and the Vanilla Series. In addition to its anime line, Critical Mass has also recently expanded into Japanese live action hits with the release of the Angel of Darkness Live Action Series. Check out Critical Mass Video on the web at:

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