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- Vol. 6, Issue 1 - January 2005 -



Yes, that's right. Another year has passed us by and Animefringe is all the wiser. Our staff has grown. Our content has expanded. And through it all...our reader base has remained loyal. That's the best anniversary present of all.

This month we've expanded our content by adding a number of new columns and sections. The biggest addition has to be our new "Anime Briefs" section. It takes our popular "Manga Shorts" concept--2-4 short paragraph reviews--and applies it to anime. The result is the ability to review twice as much stuff as before!

Feature wise though, our coverage of Paranoia Agent, which includes an interview with English Voice Director Jonathan Klein, makers our milestone cover with Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and Beck both calling shotgun. We take a step back to look at how much the industry has changed in our "Then and Now" feature and, of course, we have the highly-sought after results of our latest Animefringe poll of the Top 25 anime websites.

All this an more in the latest Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine! Don't miss an issue!



+ Paranoia Agent: Gleaming Truth From Madness +

A vicious attack on a popular character designer sets the news world on fire. A juvenile delinquent dubbed "Lil' Slugger" has sent a string of victims to the hospital and a pair of detectives are desperately trying to piece together the clues before someone else gets hurt. And yet, not all is at it seems. Join Animefringe as we discuss Satoshi Kon's latest masterpiece, Paranoia Agent, with the man responsible for all that you see and hear--English Voice Director, Jonathan Klein!
by Adam Arnold

+ Ghost in the Shell 2: Philosophy, Innocence and Sex Robots +

Mamoru Oshii and his team have once again gone to the drawing board to create this masterpiece of a sequel, decreasing the philosophical rants while increasing the powerful action scenes. What does the increasing role of robots in every aspect of life mean for humanity?
by Chris Istel

+ Beck: Slightly American Bandstand +

A slow plot, stark animation, and severe Engrish are not the things that you would think of when asked to describe a good anime, but somehow, this story of a young boy and the band that helps him grow makes its way into your heart and keeps you coming back for more.
by Maria Lin

+ Then and Now: My How Time Flies! +

Animefringe's Joe and Janet look back at the bleak world of anime five years ago and the sunny scene that fans are basking in now. And boy what a couple of weird year's it has been! Join us to look back on how far we have gone since 1999! We still don't have flying cars though.
by Janet and Joe

+ Animefringe Top 25 Results 2005! +

Another year has come and gone, and the results of yet another Top 25 have upon us! As always, Animefringe's annual tally seeks to uncover which of the Internet's anime sites are the best of the best. You voted for them and now it is time to see how your favorite sites stack up!
by Team Animefringe



+ Life on the Fringe: War of the Fansubbers +

On December 7th, Media Factory sent a shockwave through the fansub community when the production house formally requested Anime Suki to stop the illegal distribution of their intellectual property. One thought was echoed by many: "But Anime Suki doesn't distribute anything!" Tt means only one thing though, "they" finally noticed us.
by Patrick King

+ Notes From The Outside: Dead Leaves Blow Away +

Is Dead Leaves a reflection of how the Japanese view Americans and their MTV attention spans, where South Park and The Simpsons are multi-season works of animation art?
by Matt Houck

+ Beyond the Pocky: Welcome to the Jungle, Don't Forget your Yen +

Can't find good instant miso at ShopRite? Never spent an hour trying to get the marble out of a Ramune bottle? Never fear! The world of Japanese supermarket food awaits!
by Maria Lin

+ Zoned: Mannequins Delight +

The true Japanphiles have known for years where the real treasures lay--Japan! In the latest Animefringe column, we crack the seal on the import DVD market and take a look at the phenomenon surrounding Vermillion Pleasure Night, The Fuccon Family and OH! Mikey. Mannequin heads shall roll!

+ Appleseed: Life's Littlest Imperfections +

Aaron's latest column is one that approaches the unique story of Appleseed and the covert themes that outline the franchise. Taking into consideration the law of causality, there are certain utopian vices that Appleseed uses to introduce a variety of meaningful concepts.
by Aaron H. Bynum

+ Web Showcase: The Online Anime World +

The dawn of the new year ushers in the dramatic return of one of Animefringe's most beloved columns!
by Megan Sutton


- Watching Anime, Reading Manga
- Boys Be Vol. 1
- Hyper Police Vol. 1
- Kare First Love Vol. 1
- Tactics Vol. 1
- Pilgrim Jäger Vol. 1
- Hooligan
- Shinobi: The Law of Shinobi
- Enter... Zombie King

Reviews begin on page 13!

+ Anime Briefs +
- Cyberteam in Akihabara Vol. 1
- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 3
- Hyper Speed Grandoll
- Ikki Tousen Vol. 2
- Stellvia: Foundation II (Vol. 2)
- Urda: The Third Reich

+ Manga Shorts +
- Berserk Vol. 5
- Cheeky Angel Vol. 3
- Comic Party Vol. 4
- Dolls Vol. 1
- Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol. 3
- Peace Maker Kurogane Vol.1
- Pita-Ten Vol. 2
- .Remote. Vol. 3
- Selfish Love Vol. 2
- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Vol. 1



+ Wanted! +
A new column where the staff pines over all the stuff they're dying to get next. It's a "next issue" blurb taken to the next level!

+Janet Crocker's Mail Desk +
Our lovely editor takes a dip into our ever expanding mail bag! Did YOUR letter get published?

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