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3 Anime masterpieces from Miyazaki releasing 2/22






Brand New English Language Tracks Featuring Star Talent
And Bonus Materials Included On Each DVD Title

BURBANK, Calif., November 12, 2004 –Walt Disney Home Entertainment and Studio Ghibli proudly present three animated masterpieces from the creators of “Spirited Away,” the Academy Award winner for the Best Animated Feature Film of 2002. NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, PORCO ROSSO and THE CAT RETURNS will each be available separately in superb 2-disc DVD sets on February 22. These remarkable films include a brand-new, stellar English language voice cast and feature the original Japanese language track; storyboards; featurettes that go behind the microphone and more, presented in a pristine digital picture for the best possible viewing experience. With a unique blend of entertaining storytelling, imagination, compelling characters and stunning artistry, each of these magical and mystical worlds will enchant and delight audiences of all ages.

Milestone works of unparalleled brilliance, NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, PORCO ROSSO and THE CAT RETURNS are each available on 2-disc DVD for $29.99 (S.R.P.).

Hayao Miyazaki's epic masterpiece! A thousand years after a great war, a seaside kingdom known as the Valley of the Wind is one of the only areas that remains populated. Led by the courageous Princess Nausicaä, the people of the Valley are engaged in a constant struggle with powerful insects called ohmu, who guard a poisonous jungle that is spreading across the Earth. Nausicaä and her brave companions, together with the people of the Valley, strive to restore the bond between humanity and the earth. The English language version of the film includes the voice talents of Alison Lohman (“Matchstick Men”), Patrick Stewart (“X-Men;” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill” series), Edward James Olmos (TV's “American Family”) and Shai LaBeouf (“Holes”).

NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND is written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the history of animation. This spectacular 2-disc set features exotic settings, stirring music and a timeless story about courage and compassion in the face of danger.

• Behind The Microphone With Voice Talent From The Film: Alison Lohman, Uma Thurman, Patrick Stewart And Edward James Olmos
• Complete Storyboards—Get An Insider's Look At The Film's Artistry
• Original Japanese Theatrical Trailer
• The Birth Story Of Studio Ghibli Featurette

Take flight with “Porco Rosso,” a valiant World War I flying ace! From tropical Adriatic settings to dazzling aerial maneuvers, this action-adventure from world-renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki is full of humor, courage and chivalry.

When “Porco” – whose face has been transformed into that of a pig by a mysterious spell – infuriates a band of sky pirates with his aerial heroics, the pirates hire Curtis, a comical rival pilot, to “get rid” of him. On the ground, the two pilots compete over the affections of Gina, a beautiful cabaret singer. But it is in the air, with Fio, a young and talented airplane engineer/designer, where Porco's true battles are waged. From its Mediterranean Sea settings to its dazzling aerial dogfights of amazing sweep and grace, PORCO ROSSO is an exhilarating ride you'll never forget.

The English language version of this high-flying adventure features the voice talents of Michael Keaton (“Batman Returns”), Brad Garrett (TV's “Everybody Loves Raymond”), Susan Egan (“Spirited Away”), Kimberly Williams (TV's “According To Jim”) and David Ogden Stiers (“Lilo & Stitch”).

PORCO ROSSO” Bonus materials:

• Behind The Microphone With Voice Talent From The Film: Michael Keaton, Brad Garrett, Kimberly Williams, Susan Egan and David Ogden Stiers
• Complete Storyboards—Get An Insider's Look At The Film's Artistry
• Original Japanese Theatrical Trailer
• Interview with Studio Ghibli Producer Toshio Suzuki

From the creators of the Academy-Award®–winning “Spirited Away” (Best Animated Feature, 2002) comes the visually stunning THE CAT RETURNS, a spectacular animated journey to a world of magic and adventure.

Haru, a schoolgirl bored by her ordinary routine, saves the life of an unusual cat, and suddenly her world is transformed beyond anything she's ever imagined. Her good deed is rewarded with a flurry of presents, including gift-wrapped mice, and one very shocking proposal of marriage - to the Cat's King's son! Haru embarks on an unexpected journey to the Kingdom of Cats where her eyes are opened to a whole other world and her destiny is uncertain. To change her fate she'll need to learn to believe in herself, and in the process she will learn to appreciate her everyday life. THE CAT RETURNS is a magical animated adventure that will delight and inspire everyone.

The English language version of THE CAT RETURNS features the voice talents of Anne Hathaway (“The Princes Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”), Cary Elwes (“Ella Enchanted”), Peter Boyle (TV's “Everybody Loves Raymond”), Elliott Gould (“Ocean's Eleven”), Andy Richter (“Elf”), Rene Auberjonois (“The Princess Diaries”), Tim Curry (“The Wild Thornberrys Movie”), Judy Greer (“The Village”), Andrew Bevis, Kristen Bell, Kristine Sutherland (TV's “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”), Katia Coe.

THE CAT RETURNS” Bonus materials:
• The Making of “The Cat Returns
• Behind The Microphone With Voice Talent From The Film Including Anne Hathaway,
Cary Elwes, and more.
• Complete Storyboards—Get An Insider's Look At The Film's Artistry
• Original Japanese Theatrical Trailer

Direct Prebook: December 28, 2004
Distributor Prebook: January 11, 2005
Suggested retail price: $29.99 (2-disc DVD) for each title.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:
Run time: Approximately 117 minutes
Rated: “PG” For Violence And Some Mild Language
Bonus features not rated and subject to change.
DVD aspect ratio: 1.85: 1, enhanced for 16x9 tv screens
Sound: Mono
THX Certified
Languages: Original Japanese audio
English audio; English subtitles

Porco Rosso:
Run time: Approximately 93 minutes
Rated: “PG” For Violence And Some Mild Language
Bonus features not rated and subject to change
DVD aspect ratio: 1.85: 1, enhanced for 16x9 tv screens
Sound: Dolby® Digital 2.0 Surround
THX Certified
Languages: Original Japanese Audio
English audio; English subtitles; French audio


The Cat Returns:
Run time: Approximately 75 minutes
Rated: Not yet rated
Bonus features not rated and subject to change
DVD aspect ratio: 1.85: 1, enhanced for 16x9 tv screens
Sound: Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Languages: Original Japanese Audio
English Audio; English subtitles
French audio


Hayao Miyazaki has been hailed as an “animation magician,” “a stunning visual artist” and “the Disney of Japan.” His films are praised for their originality, dazzling animation and epic storytelling, earning him a place as one of the premiere animators in motion picture history.

He is one of Japan's leading filmmakers and an icon in the field of animation. His popularity continues to grow greater and greater around the world.

Several of his films have been among his country's top box office successes in recent years, including “Spirited Away” (Academy Award® winner 2002 Best Animated Feature) which is the most successful film ever to play in Japan. Many of his films have become a beloved part of Japanese popular culture, in much the same way that Walt Disney's work has been embraced by Americans.

Born in Tokyo in 1941, Hayao Miyazaki majored in political science and economics in college, but chose to take a low-paying position as an animator at Toei Animation after graduation.

He was a diligent and talented employee who impressed his superior, Isao Takahata, and they worked together in the 1960's and 1970's making TV animated series and animated features, with Takahata doing the directing and Miyazaki doing the animation.

Miyazaki directed his first film “Castle of Cagliostro” in 1979. Takahata collaborated with Miyazaki as producer of Miyazaki's animated films “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” and “Castle in the Sky.” Separately, Miyazaki worked on “My Neighbor Totoro” while Takahata directed the acclaimed animated film “Grave of the Fireflies.”

Miyazaki and Takahata founded their company, Studio Ghibli, in 1985. “Kiki's Delivery Service” was made soon thereafter and became Studio Ghibli's first widespread popular success and paved the way for expansion of the studio in one large house on the edge of Tokyo.

Many of Studio Ghibli's animated features that followed were blockbuster hits in Japan. “Pom Poko” (directed by Takahata) and “Whisper of the Heart” (directed by Yoshifumi Kondō) were the top domestic hits during their respective releases in Japan. “Porco Rosso” (directed by Miyazaki) was the top film of the year among both domestic and overseas films released in Japan. The adventure tale “Princess Mononoke” (directed by Miyazaki) became a sensation in Japan that became the #1 grossing film in Japan of any film up to that time. “Spirited Away” (directed by Miyazaki) has since broken all box-office records in Japan. “Spirited Away” is now Japan's #1 film of all time, surpassing even “Titanic” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.” Miyazaki has since applied his talents to the upcoming animated film “Howl's Moving Castle,” which will be released November 20, 2004 in his country.

Known as a hands-on craftsman whose influence is felt in virtually every frame of his work, Miyazaki makes films that closely reflect his tastes, interests and concerns. His beautiful animated vistas are alive and flowing, with lifelike color and movement. His stories contain unusual characters, intricate plots and emotional pathos rarely found in most feature animation, combining with his visual style to create films revered throughout the world by animators, animation fans and critics alike.

(c) 1992 NIBARIKI • TNNG


(c) 2002 Nekonote–Do • TGNDHMT

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