Hakugei: Moby Dick Sneak Screening at the Alamo

Friday, October 7- 1:00 pm
Sunday, October 9 - 4:00 pm
Alamo South Lamar - 1120. S. Lamar
Austin, TX
tickets at www.fantasticfest.com

Many years from now, in a galaxy far from ours, there exist groups of men who specialize in salvaging abandoned and wrecked spaceships. These men are called whale hunters, and their prey, the ships they salvage, are known as whales. The most famous of these groups of whale hunters is led by the renowned Captain Ahab. So when Lucky Luck's home planet, Moad, is threatened with destruction by an experimental battleship, coincidentally shaped like a giant, white whale, it's only natural that he journey to the King Kuron space station and seek out Captain Ahab to request his help in eliminating the threat.

Back on September 24, 2001, the busy Director Desaki was kind enough to spare some of his precious time from the production of a theatrical-release anime coming out at the end of the year. He spoke passionately about his struggles during the ups and downs of LEGEND OF MOBY DICK's production and about the feelings he put into the show.

"In the beginning I was working on it such that it could have gone either way, TV or movie. Eventually it was formally decided that we'd be animating it for television, and then it became LEGEND OF MOBY DICK instead of MOBY DICK. We initially planned for it to be 39 episodes, but-for various reasons again-in the end we settled on 26 episodes.

The White Whale in the original story has a monstrous aspect, and it's also somehow unfathomable and mysterious.... It's depicted in a kind of philosophical style as 'something which is to be pursued.' Because humans have feelings of longing, or rather awe, for gigantic things, you know? So we have the story of the obsession of a man called Ahab, who lost a leg and an eye to such a thing. That was the essence of the original story, but I thought I'd try to focus even more on what exactly this "White Whale" was. That's the theme of this show. Well, this is true of all of my shows, but it's not like I have a clear answer to any of the theme questions prepared. The interpretation may differ, depending on each of the different people watching. I think maybe that's what's interesting."

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