Barbour Publishing Announces America's Premiere Insipirational Manga

Barbour Publishing Announces The Release of SERENITY,
America's Premier Inspirational Manga From RealBuzz Studios

SERENITY: Bad Girl in Town

Created by RealBuzz Studios
Barbour Publishing:
Price: $7.97 November 2005

“….a clean, inspiring Christian comic done in a hip, contemporary way. I think
you've really got a winner.”

Stan Lee, cocreator of Spider-Man, X-Men, and The Hulk

Uhrichsville, OH—This ain't your mama's comic book. This is SERENITY, America's
Premier Inspirational Manga (sm), a comedic teen soap opera about an unhappy girl
who finds a happy ending. This ongoing series of graphic novels from Realbuzz
Studios and Barbour Publishing kicks off with SERENITY: Bad Girl in Town (Barbour
Publishing, November 2005, $7.97).

Created especially for 'tween to teen girls, SERENITY tells the story of a lonely
girl from a broken family who desperately seeks acceptance, yet lashes out with
angst, anger, and obnoxious sarcasm. In the SERENITY manga series, the prayer club
at her new school takes Serenity on as a “pet project,” showing her friendship and
love…but will even that be enough to crack her hard shell? With realistic and
engrossing storylines and dialogue, Serenity tackles important topics and shares
solid biblical values through humor and an art form that speaks to today's young

Manga (comics and graphic novels done in the Japanese style) is a publishing
phenomenon in the U.S. and is especially popular among 'tween to teen girls.
SERENITY is an original English language manga created specifically for American
readers, based on universally familiar themes and situations.

“Serenity stories are all about real life problems, temptations, and solutions from
a faith-based moral and ethical point of view,” said Buzz Dixon, the animation and
comic book veteran who is president of Realbuzz Studios. “One of Serenity's main
appeals to teen girls is that while the substance of the story reflects what they're
living right now, the distinct manga style heightens the emotions and relationships
of the characters. As our readers follow teenage Serenity's ups and down with her
friends, family, and romance, it's almost as if they're experiencing it as one of
the characters.”

SERENITY launched her own web site with additional art, games and continuing fun at while information on Realbuzz Studios may be found at Barbour has announced five additional books in the
SERENITY series to be released every other month starting with volume two in January
of 2006, as well as plans to continue and expand the series with other titles.

“Manga is not a fad—it is not a craze,” says Marlon Schulman, former VP of Bandai
Entertainment and founder of AnimeVillage, now principal and partner at Realbuzz
Studios. “It has firmly entrenched itself in the marketplace.”

Manga Facts:
· Manga is the Japanese style of comic storytelling, putting greater emphasis on
emotion and character than American-style comics.
· Manga imported to the U.S. is a swiftly growing $150-million-a-year business
with approximately 60% of its readership being female. Sales in United States and
Canada last year of manga reached over $207 million dollars

· Realbuzz Studios, an international enterprise at the forefront of the new blend
of American and Asian talent in breakout contemporary media, creates exciting and
original stories, art and video entertainment for family, 'tween-to-teen, and
inspirational audiences.
· Buzz Dixon, a veteran writer/editor/producer of video games, comic books, and
animation, previously worked on such cartoon hits as Tiny Toons, G.I. Joe,
Transformers, Jem, and the Precious Moments specials.
· Marlon Schulman, chief operating partner in of Realbuzz Studios, previously
served as creative executive producer for Disney as well as other studios and was a
pioneering executive instrumental in starting the current wave of animation and
manga imports from Japan.
· Min Kwon, principal artist on Serenity, is a young Korean-American woman steeped
in Asian storytelling techniques yet immersed in American culture as well.

For more information, visit or

Serenity: Bad Girl in Town Created by RealBuzz Studios
Barbour Publishing Publication date: November 2005
96 pages 5 1/2" x 8" ISBN 1-59310-941-5 Price: $7.97

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