Araki Gentaro exhibition at the bonenkai 2006 in Germany


Information about the Asian fashion doll event at the convention.

NEUSTADT AN DER WEINSTRASSE (GERMANY – November 08 2005) – The German Anime/Manga/Asian-lifestyle convention bonenkai 2006 is going to feature a special doll event. Japanese doll companies like sekiguchi (Momoko doll) and Azone will be there.

The convention will also feature an exhibition of the Japanese artist Araki Gentaro presenting figures, artworks and the famous U-Noa dolls, there will also be a small exhibition of the clothes-designer “Shitate-ya” One of the most interestign objects will be the new Rei Ayanami figure designed by Araki Gentaro (© Ganinax ). There is a picture here ( The artist also created the front page image of the MangasZene 30, the current issue that has just hit the streets at the beginning of December. You can see this image here (

ABOUT MANGAZSENE: Mangaszene ( ) is one of the most popular Anime/Manga and Asian Lifestyle magazines in Germany. It provides news, reviews and other articles about Manga, Anime, J-Souns, Asian Culture, Games and other topics.

ABOUT BONENKAI 2006: The bonenkai 2006 ( is a convention for anime-, manga- and Japan-fans. It takes place in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany from January 20th to January 22nd 2006.

ABOUT ARAKI GENTARO: Often called a genius cast artist, Gentaro Araki is a famous illustrator, animator, original modeller, columnist and much more. His official site: Renkinjyutu-Kobo

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