AsiaVision to Release Hideo Nakata Work on DVD


Los Angeles, CA, January 5, 2006 – On March 7, 2006, the inaugural DVD release of AsiaVision, Urban Vision Entertainment's live action Asian film line, will be available in stores everywhere. Since making its mark in the anime industry through a strategic relationship with world-renowned animation studio Mad House, and releasing best-sellers like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll: The Series, Urban Vision has dedicated itself to echoing this success by giving fans the best directors and best stories in Asian horror and action. The AsiaVision label commences with “CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT,” a collection of three short horror stories from Japanese director, Hideo Nakata.

Nakata received international acclaim as the director of the Japanese hit Ringu/Ring, then the $158 million worldwide box office sequel The Ring 2. He also served as writer and director of Japan's 2002 release Dark Water, which was remade into a U.S. film starring Jennifer Connelly. Originally released to Japanese television, “CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT” embodies the method of terror for which Nakata has become famous.

Story 1, “The Cursed Doll,” opens on Satomi, a girl who hears a voice calling her in her dreams. As she follows the voice, she finds that a doll appears to be the source—a doll carrying the spirit of her dead sister.

Story 2, “The Spirit of the Dead,” revolves around a widow who, following the death of her husband, takes her son on a camping trip. The family outing is disrupted by the appearance of a female specter who believes the boy to be her own.

Story 3, “The Haunted Inn,” begins when three girls decide to take a vacation at a traditional Japanese inn. Unaware of the tragedy that occurred there, they find themselves in the presence of a spirit who forces them to repeat the events of that day.

The DVD release of “CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT” is presented in Japanese language with optional English subtitles. Approximate running time is 65 minutes. Special features include interactive menus, an image gallery, a preview gallery, and weblinks. The DVD carries an MSRP of $19.95 and will be available online and at stores everywhere.

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