Hideo Nakata's Curse, Death & Spirit Available Now

Before "Ringu" and "The Ring 2", director Hideo Nakata made a little gem for Japanese television called "Curse, Death & Spirit". It was a three-part anthology of short horror stories that appeared on a show called "True Horror Stories".

Story 1, “The Cursed Doll,” opens on Satomi, a girl who hears a voice calling her in her dreams. As she follows the voice, she finds that a doll appears to be the source—a doll carrying the spirit of her dead sister.

Story 2, “The Spirit of the Dead,” revolves around a widow who, following the death of her husband, takes her son on a camping trip. The family outing is disrupted by the appearance of a female specter who believes the boy to be her own.

Story 3, “The Haunted Inn,” begins when three girls decide to take a vacation at a traditional Japanese inn. Unaware of the tragedy that occurred there, they find themselves in the presence of a spirit who forces them to repeat the events of that day.

If you're a Nakata fan, or just harbor a love for Asian horror, make sure you check out CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT -- available online and at retail stores everywhere!


AsiaVision, the Asian live-action film label from Urban Vision Entertainment, officially launches with the release of its first DVD title, Hideo Nakata's CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT and the unveiling of the official AsiaVision website -- www.asiavisionfilms.com. The site is loaded with the information, pictures, trailers, and news you'll need for AsiaVision's releases, including CURSE, DEATH & SPIRIT, KILL DEVIL, KOKKURI, and AsiaVision's upcoming theatrical release -- AZUMI! There are still new sections of the website coming, so keep checking back and let us know what you think!

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