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HOUSTON, October 12, 2006 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to announce three thin-packed collections. The Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Shinobi, and E’s Otherwise collections are all set to hit the streets on December 12!


“Incredibly Funny, Strong Cast Of Characters, Wonderful Visuals.” – Anime News Network

ADV Films is proud to announce the arrival the thin-packed complete collection of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, set to hit the streets on December 12! Don't miss out on what calls “an anime series that capitalizes on the untapped humor potential of giant robots.”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is only the funny face of the Full Metal franchise, which includes the series of novels and short stories, two successful manga series, and the first hit anime series ADV Films brought to America in 2003. But whereas the first Full Metal Panic! anime series was a sci-fi drama with bits of comedy mixed in, this new series doesn't even pretend to be serious! Featuring more explosions, more high school drama, and a batch of hilarious new characters, FUMOFFU really is a whole new Panic!

Directed by Kouichi Chigara (Gate Keepers, Phantom Quest Corps), Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu reintroduces anime's favorite odd couple: the popular (if fiery) Kaname, and Sosuke, the teenaged commando sworn to protect her – from high school? Sosuke has a little trouble telling friend from foe, but you can count on Kaname to set him straight! FUMOFFU features loads of slapstick humor, leavened by romantic misunderstandings and the occasional round of gunfire.

Synopsis: Sousuke and Kaname are back in action! And this time, the battleground is the school ground! High-yield explosives and hilarity come together with a bang, as the somber soldier and his unwitting target brave everything from lovesick “terrorists” to an unforgiving teacher who is bent on revenge. But as good as he is with guns, Sousuke is one clueless commando when it comes to girls – especially Kaname! Don't miss the hilarious antics of everyone's favorite military maniac and Jin High's most fiery female!

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Complete Collection (SRP $49.98 DVD) is a thin-packed DVD-only release including all 12 episodes, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

DVD Product Details

Running Time: 300 min.
Age Rating: TV PG (V)

UPC: 702727146329

Pre-Book Date: 11/14/2006
Street Date: 12/12/2006

Format: DVD

SRP: $49.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.


The blood doesn't stop flowing as long as someone's still standing.

ADV Films is proud to bring you the thin-packed collection that will satiate you ninja cravings. The DVD shelves will run red with blood when the Shinobi Complete Collection slices up the streets December 12.

Shinobi is the epic tale of two friends who defy the rigid ninja code and soon find themselves on the run from the clan they've rejected. Featuring furious martial arts and sword-play that will leave you breathless, Shinobi is directed by martial arts action guru Kenji Tanigaki (The Princess Blade, Blade II).

Synopsis: In the world of the Ninja, skills as a fighter play only a small role in determining one's rank among the order of Shinobi. Kageru is from the village of Shiroyama. He is strong, fast and extremely intelligent – the best in his class. But therein lies the problem; for Kageru's birth predestines him to the lower class of Shinobi. His friend Aoi finds herself in the same situation, and together they will be forced to question not only themselves, but also some of the most sacred edicts of the Shinobi hierarchy. They must choose between their mission and their lives, and between their destinies and the Law of Shinobi. Kagerou and Aoi soon become fugitives, pursued by the Shinobi of Shiroyama, and assassins hailing from all the families of Iga. The chase is on. Kagerou and Aoi are left to search for both the sincerity of their allegiances as well as asylum from their hunters. Such are their lives as Runaways.

Shinobi Complete Collection (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a Letterboxed DVD-only release all four movies, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

DVD Product Details

Running Time: 320 min.
Age Rating: TV MA (V, L, S)

UPC: 702727155420

Pre-Book Date: 11/14/2006
Street Date: 12/12/2006

Format: DVD

SRP: $29.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.


“One Of The Best Psychic-Action Series To Date.” – Active Anime

ADV Films is proud to present the thin-packed complete collection of E’s Otherwise! The epic battle of physic minds is set to attack store shelves on December 12.

A psychically charged, high-energy adventure focused around the future of human evolution and its possible consequences, E’s Otherwise is based on the hit comic series that original appeared in G Fantasy Monthly. The spectacular, state of the art animation was directed by Masami Shimoda (Macross 7, Saber Marionette J) and produced by Studio Pierrot (Saiyuki, Naruto).

Synopsis: In the near future, the planet is run by a federation of twelve powerful corporations. Amid the general populous, are psychics—metahumans capable of converting thought into energy. People with these mutant abilities are known as “E's”, outcasts with the power to control the world, or to save it. Kai awakes in Ashurum, a military contractor that has put together an elite special forces team of E's called AESES to bring about law and order. But when Kai is sent to wipe out an anti-corporate guerilla outfit from the slum town Gald, he discovers not all is as it seems.

E’s Otherwise Complete Collection (SRP $59.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release including all 26 episodes, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

DVD Product Details

Running Time: 650 min.
Age Rating: TV 14

UPC: 702727150326

Pre-Book Date: 11/14/2006
Street Date: 12/12/2006

Format: DVD

SRP: $59.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.

About ADV Films:

In the 14 years since its inception, ADV Films has become the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation (“anime”) outside of Japan and has the largest English-language anime library in the world. With best-selling titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Robotech, Full Metal Panic!, Hello Kitty and Azumanga Daioh, ADV Films' extensive catalog is fueling the popularity of anime around the globe. Always on the forefront, ADV is introducing North America to bold new anime franchises such as Gantz, Elfen Lied, Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker and D.N.Angel. ADV Films' library also includes popular live-action science fiction programs such as The Jim Henson Company's Farscape, the nationally syndicated Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and the Saturn Award-nominated Mutant X. In 2005 ADV Films was voted “Best Anime Company” in the SPJA awards, presented at Anime Expo, North America's largest anime convention. The readers of Anime News Network designated ADV Films “Overall Favorite Anime Company” in both 2004 and 2005.

Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions, spanning publishing, television, licensing and merchandising and continues to expand into new areas. Its Anime Network™ is America's first and only television network dedicated to bringing anime and anime-related programming to consumers nationwide via digital cable 24 hours a day. The company has two publishing arms: Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly magazine, and ADV Manga™, dedicated to publishing g

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