Azureus Announces Agreement with Geneon Entertainment to Distribute Anime


Content Includes the 2006 Wizard Magazine Anime of the Year, Gankutsuou and a Lupin the 3rd Episode Too Controversial for Cable TV

Palo Alto, Calif. - May 31, 2007 - Azureus,a global leader in aggregating and distributing long-form, high quality video via the Internet's most popular media peer-to-peer (P2P) application, today announced a content agreement with Geneon Entertainment to release popular anime series on its digital media platform. Capitalizing on the advantages of the internet, the agreement includes an episode of Lupin III, To Be or Nazi Be (Episode 3) that couldn't be aired because of its outrageous storyline. Azureus will make the programs available on its video sharing site, Vuze (, a premier broadband distribution platform that enables a global community to share and discover unique high quality content.

The Geneon series available for download on Vuze include Ayakashi (Samurai Horror Tales), Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo), Gun Sword, Last Exile as well as Lupin the 3rd, with the first episode of each series is available to download for free. With an extensive catalog of anime titles available on the site, Vuze already attracts more than three million global visitors after only a few months in existence.
"We are excited to broaden our library of anime content with these popular series from Geneon Entertainment," said Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus. "Our Vuze users are already fans of this genre and we take pride in the fact that they can access hard-to-find, niche content like this and also interact with others who share the same passion on this platform."
Ayakashi (Samurai Horror Tales), an 11-episode anime series produced by Toei Animation, collects three classic Japanese horror stories: Yotsuya Kaidan, Tenshu Monogatari and Bake Neko. Gankutsuou, a science-fiction retelling of the classic French novel, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo spans 24 episodes of eye-popping experimental animation and intense drama; produced by GONZO and directed by Mahiro Maeda. Last Exile beautifully creates a steampunk world of dogfights and airborne navies; directed by Koichi Chigira and produced by GONZO. Gun Sword, known by some fans as GXS, follows the revenge epic of a man seeking to avenge the murder of his wife in the wastes of an intergalactic penal colony over the 26-episodes directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by AIC A.S.T.A. Lupin the 3rd, a manga and anime series created by Kazuhiko Kato (AKA: Monkey Punch) in 1967, follows the comic tales of a master thief and his gang as they go from one misguided caper to another.

"Geneon recognizes the intense passion of our consumers and their strong presence online," said Marc Harrington, VP of Business Development for Geneon Entertainment. "Partnering with Azureus provides an excellent opportunity to satisfy our customer demand for high-quality program downloads."

Launched in April 2007, Azureus' new platform, Vuze serves as an alternative, low-cost distribution and marketing platform to distribute compelling, High Definition content to a fast growing global audience of millions of active users. Both large and small content owners can promote their works to their fan base through comprehensive discovery tools including search, browsing, channels and tagging, as well as gauge market interest in specific territories. The entire experience, from search and discovery to payment, download and play, is tightly integrated into the application. Publishers can also distribute their work directly from the application.

Further demonstrating the platform's success, Azureus recently announced partnerships with several high-profile content providers, including the BBC Worldwide (including BBC HD), Showtime Networks, A&E Networks (including A&E, The History Channel, and The Biography Channel), Nelvana Enterprises, Bennett Media Worldwide, G4 TV, National Geographic, Starz Media, more than 20 other media companies and thousands of self-publishers. Additional content from other premium partners will be made available on Vuze throughout the year.

About Azureus Inc.
Azureus Inc. is the provider of the most popular P2P application for the transfer of large media files. With more than three years of technology innovation, proven robustness, and more than 140 million downloads of its application, Azureus users connect with one another from more than 100 countries and 40 languages.

Today, Azureus operates Vuze, a leading global video aggregation and distribution platform driven by the exchange of long-form, High Definition or DVD quality videos, as well as licensed digital content from leading media companies. The company has recently announced content partnerships with Showtime, A&E Networks (including A&E, The History Channel and The Biography Channel), BBC Worldwide, Bennett Media Worldwide, G4 TV, National Geographic and Starz Media.

The new commercial-grade platform is supported by powerful peer-sharing technology, enabling its vast global community the ability to browse, share, search and discover unique multimedia entertainment in a high-resolution format. Visit for more information.

About Geneon Entertainment
A leading supplier of Japanese animation in North America, GENEON ENTERTAINMENT (USA) INC. ( is a full-service producer and distributor of entertainment content including film, music, animation and television shows on DVD, UMD, CD, and new media, including the Internet and mobile devices. Continually introducing new and classic anime and live-action programming, as well as anime CD soundtracks, the company also serves as a creative partner to many of Japan's top anime production companies. Additionally, Geneon Entertainment distributes critically acclaimed musical performances on DVD and CD from renowned artists. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Geneon Entertainment (USA) is a subsidiary and joint venture between Tokyo-based advertising giant Dentsu, Inc. and d-rights, Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi

Dentsu Inc., founded in 1901, is the largest advertising agency brand and the fifth largest marketing and communications organization in the world. Based in Tokyo, Dentsu offers national, multinational and global clients the most comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services through its unique "Total Communications Services" approach. Dentsu has pioneered and set global standards for integrated communications, which in latter years have been adopted by a number of major international networks. Dentsu's consolidated revenues for fiscal term 03/06 were recorded at $17.1 billion. Dentsu is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

d-rights, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan's largest general trading company), established in 1988, is an integrated production company handling entertainment content for a variety of media; terrestrial TV, Internet, DVD, etc. Based in Tokyo, d-rights offers the services as a content producer, a rights manager, and an advertising agency, and d-rights can provide clients with the support necessary to work more efficiently and effectively in the content business.

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