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31 July 2007, Singapore - Animax, the premier entertainment channel for youths, is proud to announce the winners of Animax Awards, its inaugural pan-Asia animation scriptwriting competition. Encompassing the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand), Animax Awards was started with the goal of discovering talents who can make a mark for themselves in the animation industry of the future, and the winners are:

Philippines – “Laminated Woman” by Carmelo S. J. Juinio
South East Asia (Malaysia) – “Guardian Invader” by Alvin Lim
India – “Scarlet Samurai” by Aravind K. Prakash
Hong Kong – “Serial Burglary” by Kong Khong Chang
Taiwan – “The Final Dream Match” by Yu Dong Bing
With their deft writing, epic scope, gripping narrative and memorable characters, these five entries not only stood out from among the over three thousand entries received but also left an indelible impression on the judges. The winning entries also made full use of the creative scope afforded with the two alternative entry formats introduced this year, with three of the five winning entries being novels and the other two a script and a comic.

Imagine the unraveling of a man´s past in a world where the balance between order and anarchy hangs on a thread. This edgy plot is the basis of one winning entry, while another winning entry chronicles the protagonist´s struggles as he defends his homeland against a hostile invasion. (For more information on the five winning entries, please refer to the appendix.)

The five winners have each won USD2,000 and their entries will move on to the grand final, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2007. They will compete against the single Korean and six Japanese winners from the respective Korean and Japanese versions of the competition. Not only will the grand prize winner win the lucrative cash prize of JPÂ¥ 2 million, the winning script will also be developed into an animation piece by top Japanese animation studio, A-1 Pictures of Aniplex, and broadcast across Asia on Animax.

Animax is also giving viewers the chance to support their favourite entry from among the twelve finalists through a Web Poll launching on 7 August 2007. The synopsis of all the twelve entries will be posted online at and viewers have until 1 September 2007 to vote for their favourite script. With fifty Animax prize packs up for grabs, each containing a Gundam figurine and fantastic Animax goodies, check out for more information and to cast your votes in the Web Poll!


Philippines – “Laminated Woman´ by Carmelo S. J. Juinio
The inhabitants of a harsh desert planet have perfected a system of imprisonment without walls. Called “Lamination”, this system of virtual slavery ensures that those convicted of serious crimes remain productive, if not free members of society. The system has made both jails and the death penalty unnecessary in a world where human ingenuity, creativity and labour continue to be precious commodities that cannot be replaced by robots or any form of artificial intelligence.

Dr. John “Jack” Griswold sees his employment in Cerra merely as a means of earning his keep while keeping his mind away from a personal tragedy. Jack has no desire whatsoever to get involved in the planet´s curious politics of “Lamb” liberation. But a meeting with a laminated person, or “Lamb”, threatens to peel off the seemingly cold exterior of this man hired to turn a red planet green.

SEA – “Guardian Invader” by Alvin Lim
Earthlings have always thought they were alone in this universe. The discovery of a new Earth-like planet has given them hope of migrating over once Earth´s lifestyle has ended. However, nobody on Earth would have guessed that Earthlings were actually from the Earth-like planet which they have just discovered. Out of the many people who were involved in the “Relocation” thousands of years ago, there was one legendary high Templar clan by the name of Takahashi.

The teenage boy Shiro Takahashi was one of them. In a sudden twist of events, he found himself in the middle of a large invasion by a large group of battle mages from the planet Zirius. Their objective was to conquer planet Earth and make all Earthlings their slaves in order to help them extract resources from Earth – the minerals which would give them more magical energy.

India – “Scarlet Samurai” by Aravind K. Prakash
Japan 2020AD.Ten years have passed since the third global war and the country is on the fast track to development. Our story takes place in the capital city of New Edo. The protagonist, Shiro Suzuki is a college student at the local university. He was a talented student but somehow seems to have lost his sense of purpose in life ever since his mentor (the founder of the orphanage in which Shiro had lived) passed away. He loses interest in academics, develops an ´I don´t give a damn´ attitude to life. He soon gets into a fight with a classmate who teases him calling him an orphan. Shiro gets suspended for his actions.

One day as Shiro was returning from a visit to the dojo where he studied kendo, he gets lost and takes a shortcut through someone´s property, but he notices a couple of thugs harassing the owner. Shiro fights them and drives them out. The owner thanks him and invites him to his house. The owner turns out to be Yoshimitsu head of an MNC. They start chatting and realize their mutual interest in kenjitsu. Yoshimitsu tells Shiro of an ancient legend of a samurai who slayed demons with a supernatural sword. Shiro tells him of his desire to learn the ways of the samurai and Yoshimitsu agrees to teach him.

A year passes by and Yoshimitsu gets murdered. Shiro then discovers the legendary sword after following Yoshimitsu´s last words. Strengthened by the sword, both in spirits and body, he decides to avenge his master, becomes the scarlet samurai to fight evil and protect the innocent. Soon he finds himself facing the Deimos, a terrorist organization whose sole aim is to create anarchy and gain control of the nation. The agents of Deimos also seem to possess powerful techniques and abilities. Shiro fights them and through the events that follow, he understands the path he must follow……..and a legend is born.

Hong Kong – “Serial Burglary” by Kong Khong Chang
Anna is a saleslady in a bookstore who hates her monotonous life. One day she comes across David, a book thief who claims that he has come from the future to stop the evil plan of paralysing the city initiated by Mr. Mosaic. Anna of course finds this idea absurd, but unexplainable occurrences keep happening: monsters being born from advertisements, comic characters disappearing... Can David and Anna stop Mr. Mosaic´s evil plan?

Taiwan – “The Final Dream Match” by Yu Dong Bing
The story takes place in the near future. Base-fan Qian, the head of the Rich Base Group, is a big fan of baseball. However the Swordfish Team that he has been supporting for years hasn´t won a championship for 20 years. In his 70s, Qian is now heavily sick and his clock is ticking. His biggest wish is to witness the Swordfish Team become champions one more time.

Knowing Qian´s wish, his 4 sons and daughters vow to help the Swordfish Team defeat the other competitors! However, the results on the baseball field are unpredictable. On one hand they are unwilling to see their father suffer from the team´s failure, but on the other hand they are afraid that their father will find out that they has intervened in the match... Finally they decide to create a dream match with the help of advanced technology!

As a result, the four corporations under the Rich Base Group, Chemical, IT, Electric Machinery and Communications, launch the plan under their leadership. A crisis breaks out at the final stage of the planning as their father may look through their perfectly manipulated match! During this process, the siblings come to know how baseball brings happiness and sadness to their fans, and indeed baseball exists in their forgotten past without being noticed...

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