Bandai Visual USA Continues to Release New Titles as Scheduled

DOT­ANIME.US will be interim retail center for Bandai Visual USA's new titles

Torrance, Calif., September 26, 2007 – Bandai Visual USA, Inc. today announced that Bandai Visual USA will continue to release titles as scheduled after its distributor Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. ceases the distribution.

While product supply to the retail outlets may see some delays pending alternative distribution arrangements, Bandai Visual USA's new and existing Honneamise label products will continue to be available for purchase at its online retail site, dot­ (­

Dot­anime. us is a North American version of the successful Japanese site­, where anime fans can watch various anime titles, download anime songs and purchase anime DVDs and CDs. Dot­Anime. us is now open for online shopping with new items arriving weekly, such as DVD, manga, T­shirts, figures and more anime merchandise. All Bandai Visual USA DVD orders come with various exclusive purchase gifts. The contents sections of dot­ is currently under construction, and will be available soon.

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