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Tony Diana creates A free online comic book. My Sister the Demon

STAFFORD, CT- Dec 16, 2007- Tony Diana has a love for Manga. (Japanese Artwork) To that end and at the urging of some fans he has created My Sister the Demon. A monthly online comic book. Free to read to the general public.

My Sister the Demon Released February 2007 Tells the story of Arabella, Delia and Cecil three sisters who are also training to become witches. One night A demon comes and possesses Cecil the middle child. Arabella and Delia manage to contain the demon to the house but are now faced with a problem. How do they get the demon out of poor Cecil. The demon now magically bound from leaving the house and the sisters must live with it on a daily basis until they can find a way to expel it forever. But as the days pass they discover there is more of mystery as to why the demon came in the first place. With the help of their friend The Enigmatic Black Mage the engage the demon to discover the mystery of it�s arrival and what happened to poor Cecil.
The book is general audience there is some minor language.

In 2008 Tony will release My Sister the Goddess. This picks up a year and half after the events of MSTD (My Sister the Demon) If you haven't read MSTD it's time to catch up before February 2008 when the first issue comes out.

Also to celebrate his second series Tony has composed an original soundtrack for the comic. You can find out more info in February when the comic comes out on his webiste,

Tony Diana is a Digital Artist and Musician from Stafford Springs.You can visit Tony�s Site at

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Tony Diana has created art for over 20 years. He has graced the covers of books and magazines. Always looking to try something new he has been published Creating in comic books, CD Jackets, Playbills and Trading cards.

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