LDMS Partner with ADV Films



ADV Films has announced that Lace Digital Media Sales will become their UK and Europe sales and distribution partners.

LDMS, the UK-based sales and distribution company, will add the ADV partnership to an already impressive client list and build further on their market share as an independent distributor.

Sales Director Andy Lyon is delighted with the partnership:

"ADV has been an incredibly successful brand in UK DVD market and LDMS longest standing Sales & Distribution customer. We are incredibly proud and pleased to have been selected to manage ADV's business in UK and Germany which is testament to the hard work and success of our sales force over the past 5 years. We look forward to a very long and exciting partnership."

ADV is the leading producer and distributor of anime outside Japan with the largest English-language anime library in the world. ADV aims to strengthen its business in Europe, and the partnership with LDMS is sure to generate even greater market share, revenue and success in the market.

"Anime is a red hot international pop culture phenomenon, but the home video market for anime in Europe is dreadfully underserved," said ADV Films president John Ledford. "There's enormous potential there, and that's why we're so excited about the partnership with Lace."

LDMS' established reputation within the market and their impressive track record will be the key to a successful partnership in the UK and Europe. Adam Lacey, MD of the Lace Group, is looking forward to a continued relationship with ADV.

"Lace has worked closely with ADV for over five years and really enjoyed helping them grow their business. The changes that have now been made mean we will get the opportunity of really developing the anime market. ADV has an incredible catalogue and some exciting and ambitious new release plans for 2008 and beyond. We have a full team in place to drive the business for ADV from frontline sales and marketing to production, design, finance, PR and promotion."

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