Game On: Alteil Set to Launch on Friday, July 11th

Alteil, Japan's number one online card game, goes live on Friday, July 11th.

Since launching in Japan four years ago, Alteil has spread worldwide with several international launches. Now, Media Blasters and CoreEdge Inc. are proud to announce its imminent stateside launch. Bringing with it years of art, innovation, refinement and game content, the American version of Alteil maintains the style and depth of a Japanese fantasy RPG combined with the fun of a dueling card game.

Alteil is 100% web-driven, requiring no clients or downloads. You can play it anywhere, on any computer with a web browser.

Its constantly-evolving storyline utilizes special cards called Characters, designed by Japan's most talented fantasy artists. Characters will develop as the story moves forward, with each new twist bringing new cards, new Characters and new strategies. The world of Alteil consists of four Spheres, each one reflecting a different style of play.

Alteil is free to play.

When you sign up for an account, you are given a free customizable starter set of your choice that is yours to keep forever. This set is fully playable the moment you receive it, and as you earn experience, you are given new cards. You may also purchase additional packs of cards to expand your capabilities and experiences. However, not purchasing additional cards will not limit you in any way — you may engage in all tournaments and special events.

Also, you can satisfy your itch for gaming fun at any time — a game of Alteil plays in 15-20 minutes.

The Cards

Every card — from standard unit to rare Character to simple spell — boasts breathtaking visuals from the masters of Japanese fantasy art. Alteil's artists include such luminaries as Katsuya Terada, Hitoshi Yoneda, Rei, Jun Kawasaki and Yuji Kaida. Their designs and illustrations have graced such projects as TEKKEN 5, BLOOD OF THE LAST VAMPIRE, XANADU, DUEL MASTERS, CODE GEASS the manga, the GUNDAM models and the American HELLBOY movie. The stories of each character are presented by master storyteller Takui Asanuma of the STAR OCEAN series and VALKYRIE PROFILE.

Over the coming year, Alteil can be experienced at a variety of conventions, including GenCon, Otakon, PAX and New York AnimeFest. We will also be hosting live and online events such as tournaments, giveaways, raffles and art contests.

To learn more and begin playing on July 11th, log on to

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