Ramen Revolution Reveals Celebritie's “Inner Otaku”

RIVERSIDE, CA – AUGUST 19th, 2008 –The growing 100% student television show, Ramen Revolution, has began it's quest to introduce artist that were previously not associated with anime or Asian pop culture to the growing sub-culture in America of Otaku, fans of anime.

Ramen Revolution is a movement to spread Asian pop culture and anime by revolutionizing the entertainment industry through the creation of television shows that are made by otaku for otaku.

Ramen Revolution started with very humble beginnings, but has recently attracted the attention of rap celebrity Crooked I creator of songs such as “Still Tha Row” and “Boom Boom Clap.” Crooked I formerly with Death Row Records, having created a song featuring hip hop and R&B superstar Akon, and being vice-president of his own record label, dynasty, is not highly associated with anime, but is actually a fan of anime himself. A fan of such animes as Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Ninja Scroll, Crooked I is to be featured in a comedy sketch and have an interview on Ramen Revolution's season finale. In the interview Crooked I explains how he got into Anime as a child, how he is going to be traveling to Japan in December, and much more about his love of anime.

Crooked I is following suit with other popular rap and hip-hop artist, such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and the Rza, who have recently expressed their love of Japanese animation and introduced Asian pop Culture into their music, projects, and style.

By featuring Crooked I, Ramen Revolution hopes to continue the spread of the idea that anime and Asian pop culture is not just something for nerds but something that can be enjoyed by all people. Anime is the perfect example that everyone can take time and admire different aspects of diverse cultures.

Ramen Revolution airs on Saturday nights at 12:30 am on KSCI channel 18-LA.

DATE – August 19th 2008

URL- www.ramenrevolution.com

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