Press Release/Open Letter: Upper Deck vs Konami


Upper Deck Panoceanic C.V. and Upper Deck International B.V. (hereinafter called: “Upper Deck”) wish to broadcast the following press release.

Recently several media have reported that Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. and/or Konami Marketing Inc. and/or Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. and/or its worldwide affiliates (hereinafter called: “Konami”) is/are taking over all operational and business aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh!TM TRADING CARD GAME with immediate effect, based on an alleged termination of the distribution agreements with Upper Deck. According to this report Konami will also take over distribution and customer support for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME

Upper Deck wishes to point out with great emphasis that the aforementioned reports are false, there is no legal ground or justification for this termination by Konami whatsoever and that this termination is therefore wrongful. Regarding the Yu-Gi-Oh! TM TRADING CARD GAME business Upper Deck is still the sole and exclusive distributor for the European territory and will continue providing the Yu-Gi-Oh!TM TRADING CARD GAME products to all its contractual customers. Upper Deck has already sent a warning letter to Konami demanding that Konami ceases the broadcasting of this misleading and unlawful information and to rectify accordingly forthwith. If Konami does not voluntarily comply with said warning, Upper Deck shall take all necessary legal actions forthwith.

Based on the foregoing, Upper Deck will continue to conduct business with all its counterparties as usual.

Kind regards,
On behalf of Upper Deck

Eric Burzle
Upper Deck Panoceanic BV

Nico Blauw
Upper Deck International BV

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