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Animax's LaMB Ups the Fashion Quotient with Vivienne Tam

Animax's LaMB ups the fashion quotient with Vivienne Tam!

Animax Asia's original animation production LaMB to feature two exclusive dresses designed by Vivienne Tam in the HD animation TV feature premiering March 2009 across Asia on Animax

• LaMB protagonist Eve dons the Vivienne Tam designs in the animation which will be made into actual dresses for an exclusive showcase at LaMB launch events in March 2009 across Asia

• Ready-to-wear versions of the dresses are in the Fall/Winter 2008 Collection from Vivienne Tam, the fashion house responsible for gowns worn by Hollywood stars Halle Berry, Ashley Judd, Hayden Panettiere, Heather Graham and Ashanti

22 January 2008, Singapore – Animax Asia's original animation production LaMB is set to be the unique stage showcasing dresses designed by international fashion designer Vivienne Tam – in 100% animated form!

Eve, the lead character in LaMB, dons both animated dresses which will have all details of Vivienne Tam's actual designs drawn into the LaMB HD animation TV feature premiering March 2009 across Asia on Animax.

Featured exclusively in LaMB, Vivienne Tam's dresses are in the designer's signature East-meets-West style, with necklines cut down to add a sleek and sexy touch to match the story's futuristic setting. The first is an elegant ‘Little Black Dress’ with cloud-like motifs embossed throughout, characterised by shoulder seams ending in a peak. The second design includes a long-sleeved jacket with a collar worn over a short black dress with a ruffled collar for a ‘soft’ yet ‘militaristic’ look and feel.

Both exclusive designs will be made into two unique dresses by Vivienne Tam to be showcased at LaMB launch events across the region in March 2009, but are not for sale. However, prêt-à-porter versions of the two dresses are part of Vivienne Tam's Fall/Winter 2008 Collection.

“Getting involved in an animation production is definitely a first for me, and it's something that sounds too exciting for me to turn down. Designing for ‘real’ and ‘reel’ presented very different challenges, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I can't wait to see how the dresses turn out on screen in animated form!” said Vivienne Tam.

Based in New York since 1994, Vivienne Tam is a leading designer producing, designing and marketing women's contemporary apparel. The company distributes its creations in major department stores, specialty stores and independent boutiques throughout the US and enjoys a strong presence in Asia Pacific with over 30 freestanding stores and in-store boutiques. Best known for its East-meets-West chic, the Vivienne Tam brand's unique positioning – designs that meld the aesthetic and feminine mystique of Asia with the spirit of the modern world – is well recognized in the US and Asia.

Responsible for gowns adorning Hollywood stars including Halle Berry, Ashley Judd, Hayden Panettiere, Heather Graham and Ashanti, Vivienne Tam places LaMB as the next Big Animation production in the high fashion-meets-animation trend, joining the likes of anime movie Appleseed: Ex Machina and series Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo which featured designs by Prada and Anna Sui respectively.

“The youth and young adults of today are incredibly fashion conscious and fashion and design is a big part of their lifestyle. Anime has long been influenced by the creativity and vibrancy of fashion and Animax is very proud to have a top fashion brand in Vivienne Tam gracing LaMB. Indeed, the dresses add a further touch of glamour to our original production which is shaping up into something truly special and groundbreaking with the bevy of stars involved and the array of multimedia content rolling out from now till March 2009,” added Gregory Ho, Vice President and General Manager of Animax Asia.

Vivienne Tam's creations are the latest addition to LaMB which already includes songs by Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan and US rock band The Click Five; as well as celebrity voice-overs by Taiwan-based singer-actor Van Ness Wu of Mando-pop group F4, Taiwan-based actress and star of Wei Te Sheng's Cape No. 7 (2008) Tanaka Chie, as well as Hong Kong artiste and star of Kenneth Bi's Drummer Boy (2008) Josie Ho.

Currently under production at Singapore-based Peach Blossom Media and Imaginary Friends Studios, co-directed by Ryosuke Tei and Thomas Chou, with storyboards by Yasufumi Soejima, the HD animation TV feature is part of the multimedia, multiplatform LaMB project undertaken by Animax Asia. Produced under the US$6 million Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and SPE Networks – Asia (SPENA) Joint Production Fund, LaMB is based on the script by Filipino viewer Carmelo Juinio, winner of the Animax Awards 2007 script-writing competition.

Beyond the TV feature, LaMB has rolled out specially produced music videos for Simple Plan's ‘I Can Wait Forever’, title track of the production, and The Click Five's ‘Summertime’ which are currently airing on Animax as well as online at the LaMB online destination (www.Animax-lamb.com). Other online content includes newly-launched online games – the first two of five interactive multiplayer games to introduce LaMB; a web manga (comic) which provides the prequel to LaMB; an exclusive preview of work-in-progress artwork; viral marketing videos and TV spots; downloadable wallpapers and emoticons; character profiles; and production information. The LaMB universe will expand as web-based content continues to grow and mobile offerings including mobisodes and mobile-based graphic novels come available in the upcoming months. All promotional activities are also gearing up to a perfect crescendo for the LaMB TV feature to take Asia by storm in March 2009 on Animax!


About Animax Asia's LaMB
LaMB is Animax Asia's first original animation production in HD for online, mobile and TV, offering a revolutionary multiplatform, multimedia entertainment experience to engage youth and young adult digital natives of today. Made under the US$6million Singapore Economic Development Board and SPE Networks – Asia Joint Production Fund, LaMB includes a TV animation feature and music videos, web manga, mobile graphic novels, mobisodes on-line and mobile games launching from late 2008 to Q1 of 2009.

Executive produced by Animax Asia, LaMB is based on the script submitted by Filipino viewer Carmelo Juinio, winner of the Animax Awards 2007 script-writing competition. Production is undertaken by Singapore studios Peach Blossom Media and Imaginary Friends Studios, directed by Ryosuke Tei with storyboards by Yasufumi Soejima. LaMB stars Taiwan-based singer-actor Van Ness Wu, Taiwan-based actress Tanaka Chie and Hong Kong artiste Josie Ho as voice actors in lead roles, and features songs from international bands including The Click Five's single ‘Summertime’ and Simple Plan's hit ‘I Can Wait Forever’ as the title track. Further information is available at www.Animax-lamb.com.

About Animax Asia
Animax Asia is 100% owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Launched on 1 January 2004, Animax is Asia's first youth anime brand specializing in the fastest growing youth entertainment genre - Japanese animation. Animax Asia's programming strategy is to not only offer a dynamic line up of the highest-rated, most popular anime programs as well as shows never before seen outside of Japan, but also original productions, music and technology-lifestyle programs, that are exclusive to Animax Asia.

It is the channel of choice for Asia's trendsetters, image-conscious, tech-savvy youth & young adults, and individuals seeking a unique entertainment experience. The channel now reaches over 29 million households across Asia (including Japan), achieving the fastest roll-out among new channel launches in recent years, and is set to become a leading iconic brand synonymous with popular youth culture. More information about Animax Asia can be found at www.Animax Asia.com, www.Animax-taiwan.com, www.Animax-hk.com, www.animaxindia.com and www.animaxtv.co.kr.

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