Crunchyroll Hits It Big with Tezuka Productions and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV) with the First Ever Release in English-Speaking Territories of the Award-Winning Black Jack Anime

Online Media Distribution Giant, Leading Animation Production Studio and Major Japanese Broadcaster to Stream Osamu Tezuka's 1970's Classic Anime Title

San Francisco, CA and Tokyo, Japan (March 18, 2009) —Crunchyroll, Tezuka Productions and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV) collaborate to bring Osamu Tezuka's award winning original 70's manga/anime classic of the medical adventures of the eponymous doctor BLACK JACK to Crunchyroll anime members and fans worldwide. More information can be found at .

BLACK JACK was directed by Makoto Tezuka (Osamu Tezuka's son) and is considered one of the top three most famous manga titles by the world famous manga-ka and anime producer that won the 1st Kodansha Manga Award for the shonen category in 1977.

"Osamu Tezuka's creations represent one of the greatest masterpieces to have ever graced both the printed page and silver screen, and we are honored that we will be able to offer these very special episodes to our community," states Rob Pereyda, Crunchyroll Senior Director, "these BLACK JACK episodes are especially exciting to us as they have never been released before outside of Japan. Fans are in for a real treat." BLACK JACK planner and general manager of Tezuka Productions, Yoshihiro Shimizu, states, "on behalf of Tezuka Productions, I am very pleased that '4 Miracles of Life' will be presented to anime fans all over the world. It is a very special program to us, and we are excited that we can collaborate with YTV and Crunchyroll on its international release." "Crunchyroll represents a strategic overseas distribution outlet for YTV in the digital age," states Shinichiro Nishigaki, Director of YTV's contents business development division, "we are not only looking forward to the potential online distribution success of our contents, but deeply appreciate that Crunchyroll gives us ownership of all the subtitles they create. Working together, our partnership has no limit." Title Synopsis:


BLACK JACK "Four Miracles of Life" Special Episode 1: Where's the Doctor

Akudo, the rich, spoiled son of a wealthy capitalist, is mortally wounded in an accident while driving recklessly. His father calls in a host of doctors and promises great rewards if they heal his son, and terrible consequences if they fail. No doctor is willing to take on the hopeless case, until the mysterious unlicensed surgical genius Dr. BLACK JACK comes in.

BLACK JACK "Four Miracles of Life" Special Episode 2: The Disowned Son

BLACK JACK and Pinoko are caught in a storm while traveling, and taken in by an old woman. It is her sixtieth birthday, she says, and while she lives alone, she is excited because her three sons have promised to visit her today.

BLACK JACK "Four Miracles of Life" Special Episode 3: U-18 Knew

U-18 is a medical supercomputer, running a fully automated hospital in which all the functions of all nurses, doctors, pharmacists, are performed by one central machine with the world's most advanced AI. When the computer malfunctions, it insists stubbornly that it is sick, that it is a human, and that only the famous Dr. BLACK JACK can heal it, and holds its patients hostage threatening to kill them if BLACK JACK is not summoned to treat it.

BLACK JACK "Four Miracles of Life" Special Episode 4: Like a Pearl

This story retells, with few changes, what is perhaps the most famous single BLACK JACK story, portraying BLACK JACK's relationship with Dr Honma, his mentor, teacher and father figure. After many years without contact, BLACK JACK receives a strange package from Dr. Honma, a long, rounded stone made of calcium, with a scalpel inside. Black Jack goes to visit Dr. Honma, who says he has something he must confess, and we hear the story of BLACK JACK's accident, childhood, and the beginning of his medical career.

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