Yamato USA Announces Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Sacrifice, Inspired by the Work of Dorian Cleavenger

Yamato USA Announces Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Sacrifice, Inspired by the Work of Dorian Cleavenger

TORRANCE, CA, May 11, 2009. "She offers herself to her deity, her lover and her soulmate. She is pure and true, unembellished by the ravages of society. She is life… she is the ultimate sacrifice."

In these difficult times, sacrifice has never been so sweet. Presenting, The Sacrifice. Inspired by the art of Dorian Cleavenger and sculpted by Plant-jzero Moekichi, The Sacrifice is the third piece from Yamato USA's Fantasy Figure Gallery, a groundbreaking collection of resin quality PVC statues bringing together the unrivaled talent of Asia's foremost portrait sculptors with the leading fantasy artists of Europe and the Americas. Brought to three dimensional life, Dorian Cleavenger's “The Sacrifice” stands at a striking 13.00”, including an elaborately detailed altar base and semi-removable parts.

Yamato USA and its distribution partners Diamond Comics, AAA Anime, and BBCW Distributors are now accepting retailer preorders for Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Sacrifice (Dorian Cleavenger), and will be available through retail partners Sideshow Collectibles, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, Anime Alley, Animeniacs, Big Apple Comics, Bud Plant Comic Art, Crazy Cat Comics, Heroes & Comics, HobbyFan, Razor Edge Collectibles, Statue Galaxy, and Toyeria. For more information, contact your local comic shop or visit us at www.YamatoToysUSA.com.

This talented, multi-faceted artist has garnered international fame for his novel approach to art…a distinct style he terms “Pseudo- Realism”, which is characterized not only by his intriguing subject matter, but also his mastery of the imposing and difficult medium of acrylic paints. This technique has been so successful that many professional artists have confused his work as having been done in oils or airbrush.

Initially, after completing school, Dorian did artwork as a freelancer for various corporations; but feeling inhibited by the requirements of commercial art and by the concepts and dictates of the business world, soon struck out on his own. Not long after he was doing covers for magazines, illustrations for various publications, and holding exhibitions of his original work in Europe and the United States. Several art books exclusively dedicated to his works followed, as well numerous articles and interviews on his art and techniques published throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. And now , in conjunction with Yamato USA, Dorian adds three dimensional figures as part of Yamato USA's Fantasy Figure Gallery.

Having become highly successful as a freelance artist, Dorian has also undertaken to share the knowledge he has acquired through acute analysis of the materials and techniques he employs. He currently teaches classes in airbrush, acrylics, and conceptual art and design at the prestigious Douglas Education Center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has given him an outlet and the satisfaction of seeing his students accomplishing their artistic desires under his personal tutorage. Dorian has also recently completed work on a personal tutorial DVD. As well as displaying some of this prolific artist's paintings, this DVD is structured to help the viewer, whether he is an accomplished artist or a beginner.

To learn more of Dorian and view images of his artwork, visit his website: www.dorianart.com. And for more on Dorian's classes visit the Douglas Education Center's website: www.douglas-school.com

Yamato USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Yamato Co., Ltd with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world, the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan. For nearly ten years, Yamato USA has proudly served otaku on this side of the world with a wide offering of miniature collectible figures, PVC and die-cast action figures, as well as poly-resin and PVC statues inspired by the hottest titles in Japanese anime, manga, and video game properties. Yamato's original collections include Story! Image! Figure! collectible miniatures and trading figures and Story! Image! Figure! EX PVC statues, as well as its newest lines, Creators' Labo and Sculptors' Originals, highlighting the talents of the leading artists and sculptors working in Japan; The GN-U, a tribute to transforming super robots; and the explosive Project Dynamite. Nor to be overlooked are Yamato's Scopedog, Garland, and Motoslave engineering marvels from Armored Trooper Votoms, Megazone 23, and Bubblegum Crisis, some of the most impressive collectibles you will ever own! And now Yamato USA adds its own line of collectible figures with its Fantasy Figure Gallery, a groundbreaking union of East and West as the leading sculptors of Asia bring to life the vision of legendary fantasy artists from Europe and the America to create resin quality pieces at PVC prices.

Contact Yamato USA at: 2771 Plaza Del Amo, Suite 809, Torrance, CA 90503
website: www.YamatoToysUSA.com

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