Steal Princess™ for Nintendo DS™ Now Available at Select Retailers; Every Copy Includes Bonus Mini-Poster 

Prospective treasure hunters are reminded to pack their whip

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- MAY 21, 2009 -- Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that Steal Princess™, the genre-bending puzzle-platformer for Nintendo DS™, is now available at select North American retailers. A daring mix of action, adventure, exploration, and puzzle-solving, Steal Princess lands you in the role of Anise, a treasure hunter tasked by an anxious King to save his kidnapped son from troublesome demons. Using your whip, sword, lance, flail, bombs, and a variety of other tools and skills, you'll have to navigate treacherous landscapes, defeat monsters both small and large, and ultimately vanquish the rather unpopular demons that have infested an ancient castle.

As a special treat to fans that pick up the game at launch, each and every copy of Steal Princess will include a special bonus mini-poster, selected by fans through online voting, tucked behind the game's cover art.

Steal Princess is now available at select retailers... pick up a copy today!

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About Steal Princess
While exploring the thought-to-be-long-abandoned palace of the Ancient Demon King, the young thief Anise stumbles upon a startling discovery: the palace isn't abandoned at all, and it's crawling with demons, no less! Equally startling is the deadly booby trap she triggers in the process of opening a locked door. She barely outruns the giant boulder bearing down on her, escaping the palace only to fall into a surging river, unconscious.

The fairy Kukri, imprisoned for centuries in the chamber Anise inadvertently unlocked, rescues her and takes her to the Castle of Albyon. Anise awakens in the presence of the King, whose son is being held by demons in the very palace Anise narrowly escaped from. Recent events have unshakably convinced the King that this thief is descended from the Legendary Hero of Albyon, he who slew the Ancient Demon King centuries ago, and he commands her thusly: free the Prince from the vile demons... or be tried and convicted as a thief and locked away for life. Not much a choice, one way or the other...

Key Features
3-D puzzle platformer -- Dive into a playing field of simple design, but deceptively complex challenge, that combines action elements with puzzle-solving skills on a 3-D, isometric plane. Jump, swing, climb, and attack as you search for the key to complete each level.
Over 150 levels to beat -- Levels spanning different geographies and requiring different strategies deliver on the promise of true breadth. Play them again to beat your best times, earn higher rankings, earn better endings, and collect more gems to unlock items.
Create and trade custom levels -- A robust custom map maker lets you construct levels with any enemies, items, and victory conditions you want. Trade maps with other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and local wireless for a never ending challenge!
Steal Princess has been rated "E10" for Everyone 10 and older with Language, Mild Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes by the ESRB.

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