Media Blasters Offers Free DVD-Quality Streaming to Consumers


Media Blasters offers free DVD-quality streaming to consumers!

(New York City) Media Blasters, Inc. announces its new, commercial free streaming service. The goal is to provide consumers with a high quality free, advance peek at upcoming anime and live-action programs and movies at their revamped and improved site, In a difficult economy, Media Blasters offers fans the opportunity to taste and sample product before shelling out their hard earned bucks.

Right now, you can sample the upcoming anime series “QUEEN'S BLADE”, “IKKI TOUSEN: DRAGON DESTINY” and “KANOKON: THE GIRL WHO CRIED FOX”. Complete first episodes of each series are up now and ready to stream at the click of a mouse! As opposed to the typical low-rez YouTube quality, each episode can now be viewed in full anamorphic DVD quality, English dubbed and fully preserving the show's original aspect ratio.

Media Blasters wants to give the established fans and potential consumers a chance to sample each new release in advance of the official DVD street date. Media Blasters will also be co-ordinating free episode cross-promotional campaigns with Xbox, iTunes, SONY PlayStation as well as hulu, YouTube, Crunchyroll and Anime News Network.


Based on a series of fantasy combat books, QUEEN'S BLADE is set in a fantasy medieval world where a traditional all-female martial art tournament pits sexy warrior babes in a series of deadly duels for the right to rule as Queen. Check out the first episode now and prepare yourself for the DVD (episodes 1-4 of this 12-part series) on May 18th.

“Hot chicks, big swords, even bigger breasts and even bigger swords… This is an anime of epic proportions…” – MyAnimeList

IKKI TOUSEN: DRAGON DESTINY, based on the popular BATTLE VIXENS manga, is a sexy retelling of the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms myth with contemporary high school girls violently clashing for dominance! This epic saga is loaded with dragons, brawling babes and easily ripped, scanty school uniforms! The DVD of Volume 3 hits on June 29th.

“…Unnaturally proportioned high school girls (and boys) fight a lot, and in the process, the girls often lose their clothes. “ –

KANOKON, based on the popular light novels and manga, is a wild sexy, supernatural romance romp about a country bumpkin boy named Kouta who goes to school in the big city and meets a flirty bombshell named Chizuru. This girl gives new meaning to the word, 'foxy!' Don't miss the DVD release on May 25th.


MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH – the classic anime series from CLAMP.

SMASH CUT -- watch the exclusive, intimate video diaries from adult superstar Sasha Grey on the set of this blood-splattered feature!

CHECK BACK! Many more exciting free-to-view programs to be posted each and every month!

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