“Yuri The Only One” Reaches 1 Million YouTube Views

Wednesday, June 9th 2010 -- LeetStreet Boys' hit single “Yuri The Only One” music video passed 1 million total views on YouTube. The song is most well known for romantic lyrical references to numerous anime and video games, such as "Like Ed I Lust for your alchemy," “Pricesless like a PS3" and "Sephy's mom has got it goin' on." The video features original hand drawn animation complete with Japanese subtitles created by Nathaniel “N8” Soria.

After world premiering for a live audience at Anime Boston in 2008, “Yuri The Only One” gained notoriety on numerous anime and video game websites including Joystiq, 4chan, Japanator and VGcats. The momentum attracted Tommy Tallarico, Executive Producer of Video Games Live, who then featured the song on the Video Games Live worldwide concert tour. It was later discovered by NHK, which showcased LeetStreet Boys co-founder Matt Myers and “Yuri The Only One” on Japanese TV program The Netstar. Additionally, the music video has been screened at numerous anime conventions worldwide, including the finals of Otakon's anime music video competition.

LeetStreet Boys (also known as L33tStr33t Boys) is an anime otaku band credited for combining otaku subculture with mainstream pop music, founded by vocalist/songwriter Matt Myers, and guitarist/producer Ryan “Frogs” McCormack. The band is currently supporting their self-titled debut album with performances on the North American anime convention circuit, as well as creating new music.

“Yuri The Only One” is available for purchase on LeetStreet Boys' website and through iTunes.

“Yuri The Only One” on YouTube:

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