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Mt. Fuji Climbing Tours on Sale Now

2010 Climbing Season Preparations Underway

TOKYO, JAPAN – JTB Group Japan travel site JAPANiCAN.com is now accepting reservations for its 2-day climbing tours for the 2010 Mt. Fuji climbing season. The official climbing season is set to begin soon, with tours departing July through August. In just two months over 300,000 climbers are expected to attempt to reach Fuji's peak. Last year JAPANiCAN's 2-day tours proved extremely popular, and the company hopes to increase this year's sales.

JAPANiCAN - Japan Hotel and Tour Bookings Made Easy

Climbers embarking on JAPANiCAN's 2-day tour will tackle Fuji's slopes in the early afternoon, setting out from Mt. Fuji's 5th station. The tour's price includes a rest at an 8th station lodge before beginning the final ascent and reaching Fuji's summit in time to see the sun rise over Japan. The tour also includes transportation by bus to and from Tokyo, and a chance to relax in a hot spring bath following the climb. The 2-day tour will cost JPY 28,800 per person, and reservations are currently being accepted at JAPANiCAN's English site. For more details, visit http://www.japanican.com/climb_fuji.

Fully owned and operated by JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. since July 2009, JAPANiCAN.com is an online hotel and tour reservation site providing visitors to Japan access to Japan's largest travel company, the JTB Group. JAPANiCAN aims to support all visitors to Japan and all those who love Japan's culture. –END–

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