MapleStory's Explorer Classes Upgraded and Permanent Item Option Introduced

Explorer classes in Nexon America's MapleStory have recently received an upgrade in the latest update that has drastically improved their gaming experience. Magicians, Thieves, Bowmen, Warriors and Pirates have all been rebalanced and renewed in MapleStory's latest update, Return of the Explorer.

All Explorer classes have had their skills rebalanced and enhanced. As Explorers advance through their four jobs, they will experience a new type of gameplay. Magicians, who use magic as their main attack, will experience an increase in damage for several of their skills. Thieves will experience increased attacks and a decrease in cool down time, improving their mastery of moving quickly and becoming more effective in attacking. Warriors see a great boost in their elemental attacks and an increase in damage for other attacks as well. Pirates will experience a closer attack range and an increase in damage.

In addition to the rebalancing of the Explorer classes, this update introduced the permanent item option to the game. Now players can choose to purchase items and keep them permanently.

Players looking for a new experience will enjoy the changes made in the recent Return of the Explorer update. To explore the ever changing Maple World, visit: Join other fans at and

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