Feel the Visual-Kei Heat with New Releases from Kaya, Sileen, Lix. and Glacier

Yokohama, Japan - July 28th, 2010 – The summer scorcher continues with four brand new visual-kei releases from HearJapan!

LIX. continues to impress with their second maxi-single "Seimei no Shuen." "[]" in an elegant rock track sure to hit the hearts of fans while "Sanctuary" is a pure metal blitz.

"Requiem D-moll" by Seileen is a massive collection of new original tracks and various remixes from producers around the world. Seileen's unique operatic vocals drift over the dark electro beats and atmospheric mist. The various remixes take it to the next level, striving to get you on the dance floor and melt your face off.

HearJapan is particularly excited to announce the return of Kaya! Since his old label went out of business, much of his past work has been lost. It's been over a year, but now HearJapan is happy to provide the world with his newest single "Awilda." This time, Kaya takes the role of a female pirate, Alfhild (Awilda). He sings about her exploits in life and love in this symphonic trance track!

GLACIER takes things in an entirely different direction with the upbeat rock single "Kariyushi." Kariyushi is an Okinawan word for joyous and this song is the perfect backdrop for any joyous trip to the beach.

Also of note: the LIX. and Seileen releases are on the Starwave and Darkest Labyrinth labels respectively. You can explore more from these labels on the two compilations listed below.

All of these release are available now at HearJapan. Enjoy the heat!



LIX. - Seimei no Shuen http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Seimei_no_Shuen

Seileen - Requiem Dmoll http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Requiem_Dmoll

Kaya - Awilda http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Awilda

GLACIER - Kariyushi http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Kariyushi

Darkest Labyrinth Vol2 Compilation http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Darkest_Labyrinth_Vol2

Starwave Records Compilation http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Starwave_Records

All HearJapan Visual-kei releases http://www.hearjapan.com/store/genre/1/3/Visual%20kei


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