Club 2 the Max Announces More Fun for Attendees with the Pirate Rum Party at Matsuri Summer Fest 2011

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 4, 2010) –Club 2 the MAX (July 1-3, 2011; Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center), is where there is no general attendance purchase requirement and the public is encouraged to attend for FREE, invites you to “party” with good ol' Captain Jack and the pirates of the Pirate Rum Party at the Matsuri Summer Fest 2011. More info to come at

With fun in mind for all! Attendees will be able to obtain amazing prizes such as DVD's, Manga, Pocky, Ramune, additional Japanese confections/snacks and more by winning any of the following games in the “Pirates' Cove” of the Matsuri Summer Festival including:

• Blackjack/21
• Spanish Monte
• Liars Dice
• Wench's Leg Ring Toss

There will also be a Matsuri Summer Fest stage where activities such as the Captain's Challenge-where scallywags test their skills at several games to determine who the most competent Captains are; Belly Dancing-this one be for the ladies, and the gents, too, if they be brave enough. Come and show yer flexibility 'n belly dancing skills, or lack thereof; and The Auction-a classic event at the Rum Party in which civilians (con-goers dressed in pirate or wench garb) will be kidnapped (pulled aside and asked to participate in the Auction) and be auctioned off to the crowd!

“We are so excited to have the Pirate Rum Party join us,” states Veronica Hernandez of Club 2 the MAX, “it will be so much fun for the attendees, so come and check it out!”

“Much fun to be had at the Matsuri Summer Festival year,” states Captain Jack, “Come to the party, matey, or else we shall make ye walk the plank! Yo ho!”

About MAX
Located in Anaheim, California – Club 2 the MAX, established in 2010, is a multi-day (3 days) 24 hour event with no general attendance/badge purchase requirement and is aspiring to be a key meeting place for fans that share a common interest in Asian music, Animation, and Comics. Nominal fees are charged for certain activities that attendees choose to participate in. Club 2 the MAX 2011 will be held on July 1-3, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Anaheim, California. More information can be found at

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