MangaGamer Announces Kotori Love ExP!

April 1st, 2011 - We at MangaGamer are proud to announce Kotori Love ExP, a must have for any Kotori or Da Capo fan!

Developed and created by CIRCUS, Kotori Love ExP is the collection to own for any Kotori or Da Capo fan! It features Kotori Love, a compilation of all Kotori's moments from throughout the entire breadth of the Da Capo series, Kotori Extasy, the tale of Da Capo Innocent Finale with added scenes and moments for the rest of the cast, and Kotori Plus, an all-new tale of Jun'ichi's post-marriage life with Kotori.

Kotori Love
Da Capo Plus Communication
One day, Asakura Jun'ichi, who has the power to create Japanese sweets in the palm of hand and to see other people's dream against his will, is lured by a beautiful singing voice in the park that leads him to Shirakawa Kotori, the idol of Kazami Academy. How will Jun'ichi's school life change with such a popular girl at his side? And what is the secret of the everlasting cherry blossom tree, not to mention the secret that Kotori keeps from everybody, including you...?

Da Capo White Season
It's Kotori and Jun'ichi's first winter together. After seeing Kotori's ex-teacher,Koyomi with her newborn baby, the pair imagine what their future would be like. They begin discussing how they would raise their own child, but due to a slight difference in technique, they end up having a fight. Just when things are at their tensest, a lost girl called Hina appears in front of the pair. They stop fighting to look for her parents, but...

Da Capo After Season
A year has passed since Kotori and Jun'ichi have started dating when they witness their friend Tomo-chan alone with a guy. Has she finally find a boyfriend as well!? Kotori decides to train Tomo-chan by sending her on a mock date with Jun'ichi, but while Tomo-chan accepts and they all go to the amusement park together, Kotori gradually starts feeling irritated as the day goes on...

Circus Disk Christmas Days
Kotori and Jun'ichi's second Christmas together. Kotori has been looking forward to Christmas this year, but no matter what she tells him, Jun'ichi has been absent minded and absent in general for the past few days - It doesn't look like he's interested in Christmas at all. Kotori is worried, but meanwhile, Jun'ichi has been secretly making preparations to ensure this is Kotori's best Christmas ever. However, Suginami seems to have something unfortunate lurking up his sleeve for the couple... Will the two of them be able to safely greet Christmas?

Kotori Extasy
Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale)
An alternative path to Kotori and Jun'ichi's relationship. Kotori and Jun'ichi already knew how they felt about each other. However, the moment Kotori tried to announce her love to Jun'ichi at the school beauty pageant, Nemu collapsed in the audience. Since Nemu was physically frail from the start, her condition continued deteriorating to the point where Jun'ichi dropped out of school to care for her. As Jun'ichi struggles through tragedy, Kotori faces a family crisis of her own. What will happen to Kotori and Jun'ichi......?

Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale) EXTRA
Da Capo is full of memorable characters: Asakura Nemu, Shirakawa Kotori, Suginami, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, Kudou... For all the characters who aren't in the main storyline this time, their stories are here. Past memories, friendship, promises, and hidden feelings await as their stories are revealed by unlocking a secret path in Da Capo Innocent Finale.

Kotori Plus
Kotori and Jun'ichi have finally gotten married. The two of them are leading a romantic life as newlyweds, but the question on everyone's mind is when the pair are going to start having children. Kotori and Jun'ichi both want a child, but because they weren't emotionally ready, they couldn't tell each other that. Help arrives in the form of babysitting Koyomi's daughter Chiaki and learning how raising a child really is, along with a few not-so-innocent prompts by their friends, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, and Miharu... As the pair remember Hina, Jun'ichi is led into temptation with the promise of a no strings attached affair with a new girl. What kind of future awaits the couple?

Kotori Love ExP
Manufacturer: CIRCUS
Genre: Visual Novel, Romance
Price: € 34.95
OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit), Windows 7(32bit)
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18+
Release Date: Q2, 2011

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