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Animate Usa – New Releases In Amazon Kindle Store

TOKYO, JAPAN – April 6 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. proudly announces the release of our March titles for the Amazon Kindle Store!

New this month, we bring you four chapters of our very popular series. First up are two titles by Youka Nitta, “Kiss Ariki” and “Sound of My Voice.” We also bring you a new chapter of Shiuko Kano's “Play Boy Blues” and You Higashino's “Hyper Loving A Maniac.” All four of these series are exclusive to the Kindle, so download your copy today! All four of these series are a must for any yaoi fan!

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com and www.libre-pub.co.jp. Youka Nitta's website, nittayouka.com, is your source for all things Youka Nitta, and Animate USA is happy to announce that there is now a Japanese version of her website. Ayano Yamane's site, yamaneayano.com, is now up and running again. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Both websites have new wallpapers available as well as comments from the mangaka and much, much more! Be sure to check them out!!

March 2011:

Youka Nitta – " Kiss Ariki - Episode 3” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

Youka Nitta – "Sound of My Voice - Boku no Koe - Part 9" KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

You Higashino – “Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 4 - Study Version” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 5” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

"Kiss Ariki - Episode 3” by Youka Nitta

Mutsumi's father Itsuki turns pale at the sight of his son and Tohru naked together! He yanks Mutsumi away from the body of the clan's precious heir, then busts him with his iron fist.

The third episode of Kiss Ariki.

"Sound of My Voice - Boku no Koe - Part 9" by Youka Nitta

Voice actors Jouchi and Kazama are on the rise.

Anxious about their uncertain futures, they have been accepting every job that comes their way.

Kazama strains himself and loses his voice - the tool of his trade - so Jouchi attacks him with his uncontrollable desire.

"If you look like you're going to let out your voice, I'll restrain you from speaking..."

However, he doesn't realize the circumstances it will lead to...

Meanwhile, the love between the veteran voice actors Kurokawa and Hosaka is wavering dangerously!?

The ninth episode of Sound of My Voice - Boku no Koe –.

"Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 4 – Study Version" by You Higashino

Extreme Moe Ecchi Love by OTAKU x Ordinary person!

I can teach health and physical education as an option☆

The fourth episode of Hyper Loving A Maniac.

"P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 5" by Shiuko Kano

Takuya, the ex-boyfriend of Shinobu's mother, suddenly appeared. Both his job and residence are constantly up in the air, and he asks for money from Shinobu. Junsuke cannot get along with Takuya, and he doesn't like the fact that Shinobu treats him as his older brother. Shinobu knows he is not a bad guy, since Takuya was the only person who was nice to him when he was a child. Now Shinobu is facing his real feelings...

The fifth episode of P.B.B. Play Boy Blues.

About Animate U.S.A., Inc.

From North to South, it's by far the largest anime store chain in Japan! It's the go-to place for any anime/manga fan! Character goods from anime, manga, game, comics, art supplies... You name it! All anime/manga-related merchandise is available! Additionally, you can find original Animate goods, specials, etc. Furthermore, we have special events such as autograph sessions, panel discussions, campaigns, and more! Come to Animate filled with 'Dreams' and 'Hope'!! See http://www.animate.co.jp/ for more information. (Japanese site)

About Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.

The biggest BL publisher in Japan. The company name "Libre Publishing Co., Ltd." is taken from the Latin base "Lib" which can mean "Book" or "Liberty." Such is the aim of our company, to be able to share this love of "books" and "freedom" by the unique contents of the works that we offer, for the enjoyment of our readers. See http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/ for more information. (in Japanese)

We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our books and for your continued support.

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