Electronic unit “LIL” will broadcast their special live on Sync Music Japan and USTREAM on MySpace!

Ranking #1 for the most played song on national radio
during February with 'Watching you feat. WISE,'
an electronic unit “LIL” will broadcast their special live on Sync Music Japan and USTREAM on MySpace!

Sync Music Japan, a project organized by Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME), Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), and the Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ) in order to expand Japanese music market to a global scale, will be broadcasting LIL's very first solo live held at STAGE ONE in Shibuya TOWER RECORDS on 4/15 (Fri) in cooperation with MySpace Japan KK (Shibuya, Tokyo) which manages the music entertainment SNS “MySpace” in Japan. This live streaming will be available on Sync Music Japan and USTREAM on MySpace, for everyone around the world to get to know Japanese electro rock of next generation better. (Live streaming begins at 20:00 JST)

A genius rapper “Tamaki ROY” joins this very first in-store live of LIL, the talk of the town electronic unit!
Ranking #6 on J-WAVE “McDonald's TOKIO HOT 100” and won many radio stations' ranking for one of the most played songs, 'Watching you feat. WISE' will be performed in a band style! In celebrating LIL's 1st full album “Synchronize,” their in-store live will be held on 4/15 (Fri) at Shibuya TOWER RECORDS. As the leader of the underground scene, Tamaki ROY will participate in this live and will most definitely make this live enjoyable not only for the existing electronic music fans, but also fans of other music styles as well. LIL is also confirmed to participate in “ROCKS TOKYO 2011” on 5/28 (Sat). Don't miss out on this great chance to experience both underground and main stream styles of next generation's electronic rock!

Official Myspace :http://www.myspace.com/lilsmusicspace
Official Web Site :http://www.lil-lil-lil.com/
EMI Official Web Site : http://www.emimusic.jp/lil/

■SYNC MUSIC JAPAN : http://www.myspace.com/syncmusicjapan
USTREAM on MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/msjustream
20:00 (Tokyo)
18:00 (Moscow)
12:00 (Paris)
11:00 (London)
8:00 (Buenos Aires)
6:00 (New York)
3:00 (Los Angeles)

「Synchronize」 Now On Sale
1st Limited Edition SPECIAL PRICE¥2,100 (tax in) TOCT-27037
This 1st full album has a total of 15 songs, including the 4 single songs for download which ranked #1 and #2 on iTunes Electronic Chart, and 'Watching you feat. WISE'

02. Watching you feat. WISE
03. Girl in the mirror
04. METRO-L feat. Tamaki ROY
05. Carnival
06. Just a Way
07. my favorite song
08. S.Y.N.C.
10. Beach!!!
11. What time is it now?
12. Teen's wave
13. Get Over
Remixed by MAJOR DUDE for KOZM(R)
15. Watching you feat. WISE [DEXPISTOLS Remix]

Special Live “Synchronize” at STAGE ONE in Shibuya TOWER RECORDS on 4/15 (Fri)
〔Directions for Event Entry〕
We prioritize the customers who have made reservations for the applicable CD at Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara and/or Yokohama TOWER RECORDS shops to be granted an entry slip per CD on a first-come, first-served basis at each store. Those customers made reservations will be given first priority for the entry slips and the slips will be handed to you at the time of purchase.
*Please come to the staircase on the 1st floor at the Shibuya store 30 minutes before the live. You will not be given numbers for crowd control. Do not line up any time earlier than the designated time.

〔Entry applicable for〕
“Synchronize” (TOCT-27037) by LIL released on 2/9

*Please be advised that the availability of the entry slips differ from one store to another.
*Check the details of the event day which will be indicated on the entry slip you will be given at the time of purchase.
*Please be advised that this event may be subject to change or cancellation due to inevitable causes.
*Any audience older than 1st grader must have an entry slip to enter.
*Video-taping, recording and/or photo-taking are strictly forbidden at the event.
*We do not reissue your lost slip(s).
*We also take phone reservations.
*If the audience does not follow the directions given by our staff, the event may be cancelled.
*You will be given one slip per each CD. Each customer is allowed to purchase up to 2 CDs.
*Once the entry slips are depleted before the reservation period ends, no more slips will be handed out thereafter.
Inquiries: Shibuya TOWER RECORDS 03-3496-3661 (Japanese only)

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