Galileo Galilei's film "Control Tower (Kanseitou)" to be premiered at JAPAN CUTS, theme song to be released in the US!

Galileo Galilei – Most remarkable upcoming band in Japan

Hailing from Wakkanai, Hokkaido, their first original song “Control Tower (Kanseitou)” has been adapted to a feature film under the same name, which is now confirmed to have its New York special screening at JAPAN CUTS – Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema.

Concurrently, their first full album “Parade” which includes the theme song “Kanseitou (acoustic)” will be digitally released in the US, Canada, and in the UK on July 19 through iTunes and Amazon.

Galileo Galilei / Parade

Release Date: July 18, 2011

Available at iTunes, Amazon

Official Website:

Galileo Galilei Profile

4-piece band consisting Yuuki Ozaki (Vo & Gtr), Fumito Iwai (Gtr), Hitoshi Sakou (Bass), Kazuki Ozaki (Drums).

This young band (current average age at 19) was formed in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the northernmost city in Japan.

In 2008, the band made its sensational major debut after winning the teenage audition festival called “Senkou Riot”.

Their debut song “Hanamasu no Hana” released in 2010 marked over 1 million downloads, and their first full album “Parade” released in February 2011 marked top 5 on the Oricon weekly chart. Selling out their recent SHIBUYA-AX show in literally seconds, Galileo Galilei has rapidly gained popularity and is one of the bands attracting the most attention in the Japanese music scene.

And now, their first original song “Kanseitou (acoustic)” has been readapted into a film, set in their home town Wakkanai, Hokkaido. The film will make its US premier at New York's JAPAN CUTS on July 19.

On the same day, their first full album “Parade” including song “Kanseitou (acoustic)” will be digitally released through iTunes and Amazon.

This album will be available in the US, Canada, and in the UK.

About JAPAN CUTS - Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema

JAPAN CUTS is the one and only contemporary Japanese film festival curated by Japan Society.

Entering its 5th year, 32 titles including “Battle Royale”, “Osamu Tezuka's Buddha: The Great Departure”, and “Gantz” are scheduled to be screened.

The film festival runs from July 7, 2011 until July 22, 2011

Official website:

“Control Tower (Kanseitou)” will be screened on July 19 (Tue) 9:30pm(NY Time)

About film “Control Tower (Kanseitou)”

2011. 68 min., HD Cam SR, in Japanese with English subtitles.
Directed by Takahiro Miki. With Kento Yamazaki and Ai Hashimoto.

Featuring the hottest-looking teenagers of this year's line-up, and inspired by a song of the same name by the rock band Galileo Galilei, director Miki's (Solanin) latest is the distilled, purest essence of Japanese teenage romance: Kento Yamazaki plays a bored (but handsome) 15-year-old boy named Kakeru who's trying to figure out where he belongs against the backdrop of the spectacular winter frost in Wakkanai, Hokkaido. One day, he meets a transfer student named Mizuho (Ai Hashimoto, Confessions) and through their common love of music, they communicate and find something that makes their young hearts beat faster.

(From Japan Cuts website)

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