GetAmped European Server Closed Beta Test Announcement

UTRECHT, NL - 11th November 2011 - Online game developer CyberStep starts the closed beta for its game, GetAmped. The beta testing period will begin at 12:00 PM CET on Friday, 11th of November 2011. Interested players will be able to sign up for the beta on the official site below. There will be many events during the beta period so keep your eyes peeled for updates on the official site.

* GETAMPED * Official Website: *

GETAMPED is a unique free to play MMO Beat'em up (Brawler) game that allows you to play with and against other players using various techniques and weapons. Players can choose from various styles with different strengths and weaknesses, like the fast Spy or the powerful Juggernaut. In addition to normal martial arts techniques the player can use a wide variety of weapons to attack his enemies, like pistols and clubs. GetAmped is free to play but once official service starts players will be able to spend real money (RM) to acquire better equipment and improve their game experience. To show our gratitude towards the beta testers we decided that RM earned for free through the course of the beta will remain with the characters once the official service starts.

HUNDREDS OF ACCESSORIES There is a huge amount of accessories that grant you new special abilities and attacks. You can only use one accessory at the same time, but you will be able to switch them after matches. Try to collect as many accessories as possible and discover their special attacks!

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES OF CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION The powerful editor that comes with GetAmped allows the player to create an avatar to his liking. Not only can the skins be edited but the shape of the characters as well, allowing you to create a truly unique character. Of course the opposite is also possible. There have been many players in previous service areas that used this feature to recreate famous anime and cartoon characters. Skins like these can be exchanged between players.

FAST PACED ACTION Show your enemies what you are made of and dominate the various tournaments and challenges! You can meet up with other players in the lobby and join a match, where up to 16 players can compete with each other at the same time. Only the best players will be able to face the main antagonist of the game, Dangerous Bob!

CyberStep is committed to providing users with an enjoyable game experience and will be using the feedback obtained during the beta testing period in order to apply adjustments and optimize the game system before launching commercially in December.

Title : GetAmped
Genre : MMO Brawler
Platform : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Official Website :
Copyright 2011 CyberStep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About CyberStep:

CyberStep, Inc. has been creating and managing original online games since 2000. CyberStep's titles are played worldwide in over 10 different countries, and include games such as Getamped (SplashFighters), C21, GetAmped2, CosmicBreak, and HolyBeast. CyberStep is always expanding, and aims to connect different cultures around the world through high quality entertainment. In the coming year Cyberstep aims to establish itself in European Market and plans to release titles in English, German and French.

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