London Anime Con: London's Anime and Gaming Convention Feb 11th - 12th

Pre-Pay Places are running out for London Anime Con this 11-12 February, so make sure to register NOW! If you register and pay now then you can get Saturday for just £8 and Sunday for just £7. (On the day entry without pre-paying is £10 per day).

This promises to be our most popular event yet - and is certainly already our most packed with events, guests and things to do. Make sure not to miss this one!

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The Event Timetable for London Anime Con is now up! Note that these are still provisional, but should give you a good idea of what to expect so that you can start planning your day!

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#1 The Parties: For this LAC ONLY, if you arrive 8pm onward then you will get in to the parties for just £1 (or free if you paid for all day)! On both evenings there will be a guest late-night panel (with our biggest guests, go grab a drink with them and chillout!) going on upstairs on Saturday and the Video Gaming Finals upstairs on the Sunday. If that was not enough, the Video Gaming, Artist Alley and Trading Card areas shall continue through the night, as well as Late-Night Karaoke taking over the panels room downstairs! Saturday will see Area-11 playing live, followed by renowned J-Pop artist Jakazid Djing for the J/K-Pop party with DotDot3 and Djuhams as professional dancers and MCs. We will also be handing out free glowsticks and lollipops! (w00t!)

Meanwhile, Sunday is very exciting, with clubnight Megabyte performing in London for the first time, with their DJs, and bands Zonic, B-Type and chiptunist Chipzelproviding live-music, MCing and performances! Again, there will be free glowsticks and lollipops!

Even more to be announced!

#2 Sunday Gamers! Day: Calling all VG fans! Sunday will be a special day of Gaming at London Anime Con! We will be running an entire day's worth of gaming tournaments with big cash prizes at stake. Stay tuned as we confirm the tournaments. They will include the usual fighting games such as Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat, along with other favourites such as DDR, Rock Band, Brawl, Mario Kart and much more! We will also have the Gamelink UK attending to provide a wide selection of rare retro gear to check out and buy. Downstairs shall host the gaming-themed Zonic, Sonic Dragalogo, Super Powerless, B-Type, Chipzel as the live-music throughout the day (as well as a special hardcore Gamers! Day Quiz) and there will also be MegaByte providing the DJing and partying in the evening. Upstairs shall see the Gaming Tournament finals taking place after 7pm on the big-screen. Make sure not to miss it!

#3 The Zones: On BOTH days, there will be a Video Gaming Zone, a Retro Zone, an Artist Alley, Anime Screening Zone, Trading Card Zone, Panels/Workshops, a Fighting Game Zone, anime/gaming exhibitors, cosplay gardens, a cosplay photography zone and not one but TWO stages of continual entertainment and much more! With so much to do, you will need to plan your day carefully to do everything!

#4 Clans: This year the theme is evil! Shinra v Akatsuki v Organization 13 v Red Ribbon v Team Rocket - join a side and help them to victory! Points are earned by winning events, helping out and so forth by those who are a member of a clan. We will announce the clan winner in the Sunday Evening Show! Join a clan at

#5 Anime Screenings from Manga, MVM and more with all the latest UK titles, including some first-time UK exclusives such as Fairy Tail (UK release March).


You can view the timetable of events HERE.

#1 Cosplay & Manga Workshops: Tab Kimpton shall be hosting the cosplay workshops which shall include beginners guides to crossplay and prop-making. Meanwhile Sonia Leong from Sweatdrop shall be hosting the Manga Workshops which shall include Bodies & Comic theory, and a Heads & Faces workshop. We shall also have a guide to creating animation workshop as well.

#2 Cosplay Auction: The Cosplay Auction is one of our big events and has everyone go up for bid, with the winner of each cosplayer getting that character for a two-hour period for the Saturday evening. 50% of the proceeds raised shall go to the convention charity. Go signup at

#3 Pub Quiz: Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness!

#4 Obaka No Gameshow: Japanese Gameshow Madness! Events will include Wasabi eating, picking up peas with chopsticks, writing hiragana with a twist...and other randomness...with forfeits being handed out to the losers of each round. Signup for that at

#5 Akemi Solloway J-Culture Talks: Japanese Culture expert, Akemi Solloway, the daughter of an old samurai family and learned in the traditional arts and culture of Japan will give talks on Japanese Culture. Make sure not to miss these!

#6 Dub That Anime: The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging on a smaller scale. This can be done as an individual or group so if you think you have what it takes to be in the next Team Four Star then you can signup on the day (just come along).

#7 Sonic Dragalogo: AnimeTV Remix winner and popular solo-artist, Sonic Dragologo shall be performing live at London Anime Con. We are delighted to have secured the attendance of this unique act and you can check out his awesome work at

#8 J/K Party: Saturday will see our first-ever combined J-Pop and K-Pop party, as we have renowned J-Pop artist Jakazid Djing for the J/K-Pop party with DotDot3and Djuhams as professional dancers and MCs. Olesia & Anna, the two sisters were a part of "Girls on Top" will also be there from the K-Pop scene to also provide professional dancing. We will also be handing out free glowsticks and lollipops! (w00t!)

#9 Mechanical Sunrise: With a mixture of sci-fi porn synth, fuzz-rock guitars, funky bass-lines and unrelenting electro drums, Mechanical Sunrise are an up and coming band which has snowballed into what can only be described as "a time-travelling, dimension-hopping space opera, complete with B-movie video and strange 2001-esque visuals". You can check out their myspace page at

#10 Otaku Fashion Show: Show us your style! The Otaku Fashion Show is a chance for you to show everyone your own unique style and get to strut your stuff on stage with a presenter narrating what you are wearing and where you got it from. We are more than happy to add your website to the presentation if you make your own! Signup at


You can view the timetable of events HERE.

#1 Sunday Gamers! Day: Make sure to come along and take part in the Gamers! Day. We will have a wide selection of tournaments to take part in, as well as gaming inspired live music and partying!

#2 Cosplay Masquerade: Would you like to show off your cosplay to masses? Perhaps perform a comedy sketch of some anime-based humor. Strut your stuff and have a great time at one of the greatest traditions of the anime world! Want to enter? Go signup at registrations/ops! There will be a £30 cash prize for the best entry as determined by our panel of judges, and a pick from the goodie-box for the best two runners-up. Signup for it at

#3 Area 11: Area 11 combine Western rock guitar traditions with Eastern culture to establish a new genre - Gaijin Rock! With a powerful and dramatic stage show, Area 11 are not to be missed! Check them out at!

#4 Masakun Violinist Performance: Masa-kun is an electric violinist who performs various Japanese related songs. At LAC he will entertain you with film, anime and gaming music, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mario, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and many more!

#5 Zonic Live-Performance: Zonic shall be returning to LAC4 to give a live-performance of her latest music, some of it based on retro video-gaming, such as the Sonic and Lemmings games on the Sunday evening of London Anime Con. Read more here

#6 LAC4 Talent Show: Do you have a hidden talent - it could be anything from singing, to stand-up comedy to maybe even juggling! Come along and show off! There will be a £30 prize to the winner, so make sure to enter and show us your talent!

#7 Super Powerless: Superpowerless (website is electro producer Oliver Hindle. Using video game consoles, guitar, vocals and an army of synths he attempts to corrupt the world and bring firey death upon his enemies. Rather than spending time creating quality songs, he spends it playing video games to work out how global domination will be achieved!

#8 Chipzel: Chipzel (Niamh) composes chiptune music using nothing but a gameboy and tracker program called LSDJ. She started making chiptune at the age of 16 in April 2008. Since then she has been travelling, partying, meeting new people, meeting fellow chiptuners and other very talented artists, and expressing herself via 8-Bit goodness!

#9 B-Type Live: B-Type are the United Kingdoms foremost Nerdcore band! A passion for live performance and a reputation for prolific online releases fuel this act. Known for their audience participation freestyle sessions, 8-Bit beats mixed with live synths, energetic shows and sing-along choruses, B-Type rap about the important things in life: Girlfriends, Space, Giant Robots, and Pokémon. Expect to phonically inhabit the 80s, the 90s, the Naughties, and whatever we are calling this decade, simultaneously. Then Explode.

#10 MegaByte Party: Coming down to London for the first time, MegaByte are Manchester's only monthly club night that caters to your inner geek! Their resident and guest DJ's play the best in chiptune, video game music, nerdrave, OCRemixes, OST's, j-pop/j-rock, anime soundtracks, geek-rock, nerdcore, randomness and much moar. Check out their website at


Opening Times: 11am to 1am.

Pricing: Reduced price entry if you pre-pay now. On the day entry is £10 per day. £1 Evening Entry after 8pm.

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