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World Famous Games Developer Hironobu Sakaguchi, Creator of the Final Fantasy Series, to speak at MCM Midlands Comic Con, Feb 18

World famous games developer to speak at MCM Midlands Comic Con

World famous videogame developer, director and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, will be attending the MCM Midlands Comic Con in Telford on 18 February. He will talk about his career and latest project – Nintendo's critically-acclaimed The Last Story for Wii™ ahead of its UK launch next month.

A legend in the games industry, Sakaguchi is not only the father of the iconic Final Fantasy franchise, but has produced a host of top titles including Lost Odyssey; Vagrant Story; Xenogears; Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts.

Hironobu Sakaguchi's newest game, The Last Story, is an epic tale that sees the player take charge of a band of mercenaries as they explore and battle their way across Lazulis Island, the heart of an empire riven by strife.

Published by Nintendo, The Last Story is released in the UK on 24 February, and Midlands Comic Con will be a unique opportunity to find out more about this great game from the man who created it. We'd also like to hear your questions about the game, so send them in to [email protected] and we'll put the top three to Mr. Sakaguchi on stage at the show!

Brought to you by the organisers of the famous MCM London Comic Con, the Midlands Comic Con is a great day of pop Culture Entertainment, featuring the best in videogames, movies, anime, sci-fi, comics and cosplay.

To buy tickets to the MCM Midlands Comic Con at Telford International Centre on 18 February, please visit: https://www.mcmexpostore.com/store/

To stay up-to-date with MCM news, follow www.twitter.com/mcmexpo; www.facebook.com/mcmexpo or visit our website at www.londonexpo.com

For enquiries relating to Mr. Sakaguchi and The Last Story please contact Nintendo@bell-pottinger.co.uk / 020 7861 2868.

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